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I need some fundraising ideas for this trip I am going on. I need to raise from about $200-$5000. Got any ideas?

Yeah, I have some ideas for you. One of my ideas is that you could wash cars, inside of course though. You could also put containers in some stores or something and let people put money in it. It isn't much but it's something.

If you have the school's permission, you could sell donuts to the students once a week. Kids will buy any food! :-)

You could clean houses and do yard work.

Of course, baby sitting is also a good way of making money. Perhaps a group of you could do child care on Saturdays so that the parents had a break or could go shopping. Maybe a mall would even let you have a room for this child care. I strongly recommend you have a responsible adult supervising any group child care that you do.

since its fall youcould go around your neighbor and offer to rake lawns and ask for a small price. like $5 per lawn. it might work. since it was my idea, i expect 10% of the joking. bye

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