History-- Moonlanding

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I have to write an independant essay about an important event in the 60s.
We have to find our own research but are allowed to interview experts or people that were alive during the time.
I am choosing the moon landing; were any of you lot born during that time and know anything about the moonland, particually the conspiracy theories.
If you were would it be possible for you email me so I could interview you as I am using a school computer (in England, 12:34PM).
Thank you,

Sarah, it wont be possible to email here. Post your questions, a number of us remember the moon landing.

Okay, thanks. I shall post my questions when I get home as I'm using a school computer and the period is almost up. However if you have any good sites to do with the moonlanding could you post them now as I have to print off my research.


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