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I am a step mom to 3rd grade twins. One of them is failing her spelling tests repeatedly. I have very limited time with them and don't talk to them very often, nor am I allowed to speak to the teachers. I have looked at the LMC for books on spelling but don't really see any. Does anyone have ideas on how to help her?

you can get her to write the words down ten times each!

I respectfully suggest that since you have limited time with these children, that you spend this time getting to know them and having fun with them. Reading to and with them would probably be the most important thing you can do to contribute to their success in school. The child's mom and dad can work with the school about the spelling problem.

Ask her if she can hear and see the words in her head as she says them. Learning to do this is tremendously helpfull *:D

here is a way to make that fun, start with the word "it" so that way you will be asking "Can you see it?" she will soon be seeing "it" when you ask, then you can ask if she can see any other word, so do funny sounding words like squeegee or boink or tee hee or spongebob :D

i kneed help

ok i'm wonderful at spelling but i feel that I am too good,how do i bring down my highness level in spelling?

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