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Science/ Social Studies

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I need help with those two subjects.

Please tell us specifically what you need help with, and we'll try to help. If you have a question, please post it along with what you think the answer may be.

I need alot of help in those subjects because I got an N in it.I'm an smart person I make the Honoroll.

I'm sure you are smart. But we can't help you without knowing just what you're having problems with.

Well you can help me in everything.

we had a project and i guess i didn't do it right .we really haven't been doing those subjects.

Please post a specific question and tell us how you think it should be solved or tell us what you don't understand about it. "Helping you with everything" is a big order. We could spend the next week going over things we think you should know; you probably would tell us you knew some of that. We don't want to waste our time telling you what you already know; therefore, we need to have a specific question. Someone here will be glad to help you.

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