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An appliance store sells three brands of TV sets, brands A, B, and C. The profit per set is $30 for brand A, $50 for brand B, and $60 for brand C. The total warehouse space allotted to all brands is sufficient for 600 sets, and the inventory is delivered only once per month. At least 100 customers per month will demand brand A, at least 50 will demand brand B, and at least 200 will demand brand B or brand C. How can the appliance store satisfy all those constraints and earn maximum profit?

Delores, I assume you are working n dimensional Simplex algorithm problems. frankly, it has been too long since I set one up, and would probably waste your time. Give this a day or so, we have a math person (Roger) who is a whiz, and if he checks in, may be able to set one of these up for you.

Ok but it's kind of an emergency here. I am so confused with these word problems. I am working witn The Simplex Method: Maximization and Minimization. I can do the problems if they are just the equations, however, the word problems just confuse me with all the wording. So if you know ANYONE who may be of help, PLEEEEEASE ask them. Thanks for taking the time to respond.

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