college essay number one help

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how have you taken advantage of the educational opportunities you have had to prepare/

hi can you just give me like the first three or five words so i can start.

i mean, i have looked at websites and i read the guidelines on how to write a college essay and i know what i'm going to write in my essay but i just need a starting push. i already have my outline ready to go

in my first question, i planned on writing on how i came to america at first with my family for education and how it was difficult for me but i struggled throught it, ...etc

so please just three to five words and i will take care of the rest

In my college career I have....

Hi well it's really all up to you mate. The first five words isn't going to write your essay for you! You should be thinking more about the rest of ur essay hehe. Well...

1) It was a struggle, but a challenge I was determined to conquer.

2) It was " " years ago, when I came to this country.

so on .... Really just make it yourself. The first 5 words really isn't hard !

Good Luck xo

Ken and Kat are correct. No one's magic "five words" are going to help you much if you don't directly address the topic you've been given. And no amount of Internet searching will help you either because the question is "How have you taken advantage ... ?"

The point is -- what have YOU done, what classes have YOU taken, how have YOU studied, what extra activities have YOU participated in, etc. Only you can answer this question.


How about, "My journey to American became my first step on my journey toward an education."

Then you can talk about preparation for a journey, steps in a journey, where you expect to go, difficulties in a journey, what journeys teach...etc..... Many possibilities there.

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