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hi we are doing a mock senate in my government class. my committee name is appropriations and they give money to other committees and i got assigned to arizona and i'm a republican. in real life, i'm a democrat, liberal.

so i'm just having a hard time think in a republican mind. i look at bills in the internet, but i still need help.

so if i was a republican would i support giving money to schools or to armed forces. republicans are conservative but what does that mean. do i give money or no.


being a republican, does that mean i'm pro- life or non-life

You Are pro-life until it's born, Schools need to "Fend for themselves", Poor people obviously chose that lifestyle, A job at Wal-Mart is the same as a skilled job, the Numbers in the stock market are somthing to crow about, War brings peace, Killing anyone you don't like is ok (just label them some meaningless rude name first), The environment is a comodity to be consumed, Environmentalists are terrorists, I'm making myself sick :P

Relating to your assignment, Republicans generally believe that less government and fewer taxes are good.


Scroll down and read the Current Ideology section.


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