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My business class required me to read Joseph T. Wells' article "So That's Why It's Called a Pyramid Scheme" and make a speech to talk about the implication and personal comments on the article. The discussion focus on fraud. I have difficulty to come up with such a speech. Can anyone help me with that and/or give me some suggestions?

Thank you!

Why is the Pyramid Scheme a fraud? Who benefits? Who is defrauded? Would you join in a Pyramid Scheme? Why or why not? If so, under what conditions would you join?

With the information in the article, answering some or all of these questions should help you to write your paper.

I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

The driving force behind a pyramid is greed rather than a product.

The fraud occurs when the opperators of the scheme claim that everyone will get rich.

What happens to the people at the bottom when the pyramid "Fizzles out" from a lack of new suckers to swindle?

Just a few angles for you.

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    Newspaper article against fraud and corruption

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