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Hi, would someone mind just checking the answer I got for this formula and tell me if I'm on the right track or not.


Answer I got...

x=84 y= -63

I didn't get that. Check your math. I found 7y=63 but not y = 63.
You can always check your answer. Is 4X = 3Y.
3*84 = 4*63 yes, it is.Is X + Y = 21. No, it isn't. I always check my answers before I call it quits on a problem.

yyes you are right

wat is the answer to this ?


solve by elimination


  • Math -

    y=-3 , x=3

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    3x-4y=0 (**)
    Replace to (**):=> 3(21-y)-4y=0
    y=9 replace (*)=>x=21-9=12

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