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How will human aging affect health care?

Older people in general need more health care than younger people. As we age, more goes wrong with our bodies. An aging population means we're going to need more health care to take care of the older people.

So how will this affect healthcare. Will they receive this or not? What are some basic problems encountered?

Our country will need LOTS more doctors, nurses, and other health care providers of all kinds. Remember that the first of the "baby boomers" (those born between 1945 and about 1965) are starting to retire.

There are other needs, but the need for medical professionals is first priority, I think.


One more question:

How will it affect thw wrokforce. I can up with some ideas like since you said they are retiring there will be more jobs for the new generation. Is there more to say?

It's the rate at which they are retiring that will affect this country the most. For example: (Broken Link Removed)
And there aren't nearly enough people in colleges and universities now who are in training for becoming teachers.

And that's only the teachers in this country. Think about all the other types of jobs there are.


One last question: How do you get a link on. I was trying to help someone but I was denied to give the link.

Only a few of the more senior tutors are authorized to post links. You could give the Web site name and suggest a student Google that name.

what is the name of the large bay east of Maine

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