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Substitution Method-Plz help

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Use the Substitution method to solve the system of equations.

x + y = -4
x - y = 2

solve for x in the second equation.

x= y+2

Put that in for x in the first equation:
(y+2) + y = -4
solve for y. Then, x= y+2

i don't get it.How did you get that?What does x equal?

re read my post. I tell you how I got it. you will have then to solve for x, then, put that value of x back in the equation, and solve for y. Post your work.

does x =5?

i have been trying to
figure out how to solve this
problem but i just can't.
it seems so difficult.
i have already seen some
examples but i still don't


EX. x+y=4

please help in the easiest way.
thanks a lot!

teach me how to do this


  • Substitution Method-Plz help -

    To solve the system given below using substitution, it is best to start by solving the first equation for y.

    11x + y = 12
    9y + 3x = 7

    can you please explain please :)

  • Substitution Method-Plz help -

    Just folow this step and u get ur ansa if u hav a ques lyk x - y =0 eqn1 ,x + y =4.eqn2 . Firs t solv for x . X = 0 + y=y eqn 3 . .then substitute x in eqn 2 . . 0 + y + y =4 . 2y =4. y =2 . . . Sub y in eqn 3 x = y then x=2,y=2

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