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Finance Help! 3 questions

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Hi, i was wondering if someone could please help me with these 3 finance questions. it would be must appreciated

1. you receive payments of 1000 dollars every 8 montsh for the next 9 years. the first payment will occur 8 months from today. there will be a total of 12 payments. what is the present value of this investment. the required rate of return is 10% compounded annually.

2. you are surprised to learn that your mom bought a new car today. she has to make 48 monthly payments of 800$, and the first payment is due today. if the interst rate is 7% compounded quarterly, what is the price of the car?

3. your sister wants to purchase an investment that will pay her 500$ every 3 months for the next 10 yrs. the first payment will be made 3 months from today. If your sister requires a rate of return of 8% compounded monthly what should she expect to pay for the investment?


  • Finance Help! 3 questions -

    1. If the no of level investments be ‘t’, total no of level instalments be ‘n’ and total charge for
    credit be ‘c’ then the interest rebate is given by…………………………………………

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