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In trying to help Margie with algebra, it required intensive, step-by-step process. It would certainly be alot more efficient if there were a way to provide instant messaging in a situation like this. Is there a way via your site to communicate with instant message with the students for a situation such as this? (I presume it is not proper policy to simply give this student my screen name, correct?)

I think that would work because I feel I am taking to much Idk space or time and if he helps we don't have to you know.

Some of us have been answering message board questions for many years, and have learned that it's better for everyone to confine questions and answers to the message board.

First, because all messages are available for everyone to read, there is never a question of possible impropriety. Second, often other tutors will chime in with another or an additional explanation. And occasionally any of us can make a mistake -- which other tutors will catch and correct.

If a tutor and a student are online at the same time, they can question and respond in about the same time on the board as by IMs.

That makes sense.
Thank you.

Ms. Sue gave a great answer.

Dan. A few days ago you posted a telephone number for kids to call for help. Notice it was promptly removed.
While we encourage students to assist others, direct communication is prohibited for reasons of personal safety. Thanks for helping students, some of your work is very good. However, we cannot and will not allow telephone, IM, email addresses, or other personal data to be exchanged. Thanks.

Interesting. That was not me. I used to post as Dan, then someone else briefly posted with the same name. I remember he just directly gave answers (I think he may have been another student). I then changed to DanH to differentiate from him!

Although this website for kids can be a great tool, it is also our responsiblity to protect students from internet dangers such as child predators.

I absolutely will not tolerate the solicitation of students for ANY purpose. Posted e-mail addresses, telephone numbers and other invitations for one-on-one interaction will be removed immediately.

Furthermore, such posts will most likely result in you being banned from our site.

Thanks for understanding.

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