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A jet pilot takes his aircraft in a vertical loop (Fig. 5-43).

(a) If the jet is moving at a speed of 1900 km/h at the lowest point of the loop, determine the minimum radius of the circle so that the centripetal acceleration at the lowest point does not exceed 6.0 g's. _____m

(b) Calculate also the 70 kg pilot's effective weight (the force with which the seat pushes up on him) at the bottom of the circle. _____N

(c) Calculate the pilot's effective weight at the top of the circle. (Assume the same speed.) _____N

The centripetal acceleration at the bottom will be v^2/r + g. Be certain to change velocity to m/s

at the top, the force will be

mv^2/r - mg

(a) 19+6.0007858787577=287767566354526

a) You don't want the centripetal accelartaion force to exceed 6g so you set it to 6g

6g = v`2/r
then you can simply solve for r
r = v`2/6g

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