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In the novel; Twelfth Night

A quote is stated:

"And thus a whiligig if time brings in his revenges"

I am to write an essay on this. I have put some ideas together, yet I am unable to create an intro. Could you help by giving me a few hints on how to start an essay revolving around the truth of that quote. I just don't know how to get it started. The essay must contain an intro, how the quote applies to three characters in diverse situations in the novel and the conclusion. Help Please.

As I said previously, I would start the essay by saying something like Time is the ally of Truth. Then give a common example of what you mean by this. The commonest is the one time believe that the earth didn't move around the sun. Time proved that to be wrong. Then choose three of the characters who "lied" or believed a lie to introduce in the Intro., state who they are and the lie.
Use one paragraph per character to show how time brought the truth to each of the lies.
The conclusion should go back to the thesis and and link each of the paragraphs to a discovery about time and truth.



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