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I'm having difficulty on drawing lewis dot structures for certain compounds and figuring out the molecular shape. I can do the simple ones like IO4- which is tetrahedral...but i'm stumped on ICl4-. When i drew the structure I thought it was octahedral, but my textbook says it's square planar. help?

I'm having similar problems with ICl2-. I put trigonal planar, when it was linear.

Try this and see if it helps. Repost if you still have trouble and tell us, if you can, what is giving you the problem.
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    ICl2- is Linear because the Cl bind at the top and bottom, and around the center there are 3 sets of Lone Pair Electrons. there is a negative sign, so you must add a set of LP electrons. So yes, Its Trigonal Bipyrmidal- if you go by the total electron density locations, but, its linear because the Cl atoms stay in linear formation with the 3 sets of LP electrons around center of the central I atom.

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