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Since World Wide Web was introduced, more than 43milion websites exist on the internet: Google states that they are indexing 4,285,199,774 distinct web pages. These web sites have been built on intended purpose some of these are for fun, some of these are helping sell company¡¯s objectives, and some of these are share their information to others. Commonly, the issues of User centered design of web site and user experience are related to the commercial web sites because website provider want to make audiences visit their website again with good impression and be followed their intentions that are occasionally selling product and applying service they provide. The issues of user centered design are still followed traditional user centered design approaches that are the measures of a tool or application¡¯s success being most often based on whether its intended users can perform their task objectives easily and efficiently. ¡°Interfaces are becoming increasingly social as they as they mediate more social activities (such as conversations) in more sophisticated ways. This makes them cultural products. We already attribute social behaviors to our interface, and this trend is growing. Design research must help us understand our audiences and their interfaces on a social level if we aim to make them happy or successful. It is not enough for interfaces or designs to merely usable. They also must be desirable, useful, needed, understandable and appropriate.¡±[ Nathan Shedroff -Research methods for Designing Effective Experience] To make successful user experience and design user centered design for website, it is matter to know that what is user need and how to grasp audience attention.And then, how the user experiences can be created through digital environment especially on website. We can say that the user experiences can be influenced by sound, visual, contents, interaction on website. In most of case to design website, the companies do not have enough money to hire someone to survey user¡¯s trend and user¡¯s need for its own website. Occasionally, that sort of issue becomes the part of designer¡¯s job to deal with. However, that is not easy job for designer also. In my past work experience, I spent lots of time to search the information of user trend and user taste for website visual and suitable interaction for contents as well as navigation. Whenever I tried to search and gather information, I always thought that if we have knowledge of user¡¯s interaction pattern and basic user need for design, it will be very helpful to design user centered design. Creating pattern of interaction is the one of my concern to design as well. First of all, the attempting to gather the knowledge of interaction pattern and user¡¯s hierarchy of need will be investigated and then be applied to the project that design the information website for the semester 2. I would like to conduct the project which is focused on the user centered design, way finding, and information design practice.
Secondly, the observation the user experience through the research methods, that is Task analysis, focus group, Task-based usability testing, and Log analysis.

Please break this into paragraphs and make sure all your punctuation is correct. As it is, this is extremely difficult to read.

In this website, you create paragraph breaks by hitting the Enter key twice after the last sentence of on paragraph, making a full space between the end of one and the beginning of the next paragraph.



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