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I need to know how to find the meausure of a triangle using vertical angles, and also how to measure a triangle using linear pairs...

Oh, I hope I'm not too late with an answer for you...

To measure a triangle using linear pairs, you have to use the distance formula (which should be in your textbook). I'm assuming that you're looking to measure the lengths of the triangle as I write this. Use the distance formula for each side of the triangle. If you add all three sides, you'll have the perimeter.

I'm also assuming for the vertical angle part that there's other angles involved. Are there two angles that share a vertex? I'm not sure I know how to describe what I mean without being able to draw a picture. Imagine that one of the angles is shaped like a V. Is there an angle that shares a vertex kind of like this? >< where the point (vertex) of each angle is the same? If you have the measure of one of those angles, you'll have the measure for the other. Vertical angles are equal. If you only know two of the angles in your triangle, add them and subtract their sum from 180 to get the third angle.

Hope that helped! Good luck!
Amy :)

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