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In which state is Kennedy a city?

I looked on google and found a Kennedy, MN.

This site shows 11 states with towns named Kennedy.;expr=Kennedy&first_hit=1

help i need some info teacher said i could ask u


the things of georophy

How many miles is it from Beijing to Shanghai

Name two countries that border China on the North East

In wich part of China is its capital Beijing North East North West South East or South West

If you wanted to travel from Guangzhou to Shanghai in wich direction would you go

hi,ilovegeography do you?

us geogrophy

  • Geogrophy -

    why study geogrophy

  • Geogrophy -

    largest body of salt water

  • Geogrophy -

    the largest body of salt water is the atlantic ocean.

  • Geogrophy -


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