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what is the general relationship between the density of solids and the density of liquids?

Are you talking about the density of substance X in the solid state vs the density of the same substance in the liquid state. GENERALLY, solids have a higher density than the corresponding liuqid but this is not true for all solids/liquids. Water, for example, has a lower density when it is ice than the density of freshly melted ice.

hmmm...actually im talking about..
if you compare the density of different types of substances in solid and and the density of water...
what can you tell from about the relationship between the density of solid and the density of liquid...

If the solid floats on water, the solid is less dense than water. If the solid sinks, it is more dense than water. (Ships made of iron float even though they are made of metal with a density much greater than that of water; however, ships are constructed to displace water and they are bouyed up by that force.) A chunk of iron sinks,more dense than water. A cork floats. Less dense that water.

i need more

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