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I know that standard form is Ax+By=C, but I'm not really sure how to do this problem. All help is welcome. Thanks in advance.

Write an equation for each line:

through (-1,3) and parallel to y=2x+1

I know that the slop will be 2 because it is parallel.

If m=2 then used the same equation for the point (-1,3)
3=2(-1)+ b
Now find b
Finally write the equation
You can take it from here. I you don't get it, post it.

Thank-you. I got -1=b, but I'm not sure how to put it in standard form. Like what should be the A and B?

standar form is
you know m and you know b, that is all you need...

That's not standard form, that's slope-intercept form. Standard form is Ax+By=C

anyone please?

If you have the line in point-slope form
y=mx+b then
-mx+y=b will still be in the form
If you divided by B you'd have
(A/B)x+y=(C/B) so you should be able to see what the A, B and C are.

sorry about the time...if you still need to find the answer, try this:
If parallel to y=2x+1 it means they have the same slope m=2 and you know it goes through point (-1,3) so 3=(2)(-1)+5 then
y=2x+5. all you need now is to put it in standard form. A and B are the coefficients of variables.
general form: -2x+y=5

find the equation of the line which has a slope of 3/4 and contains the point (0,3).

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