Windows XP questions

posted by shiningstar007

I have a few questions that I have for homework that I need help with. Thanxs!

It is possible for a user with the proper credentials and permissions to manage disk located on a remote computer through the disk management interface. This is done by launching the ___________ console. ( I think its recovery or disk management)

A user calls the helpdesk to report that her laptop is taking excessively long to boot up, load programs, and access files. The user reports that she has just returned from a business trip during which her luggage, including her laptop bag, was manhandled by a cab driver. The user also reports that she notices the hard drive indicator light is flashing much more than often than normal, and strange click noises coming from the laptop. You recommend that the user immediatley run the ________utility and report the results. ( I think this one would be the checkdisk)

The use of the _________command updates the information displayed in the Disk Management console, but does not scan for new disk hardware. (I think this one would be the cipher command)


disk check utility

Maybe <refresh> (under the action button)?

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