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Please explain how to solve this question, and why you use your method to solve it. I am very very stuck.

Gold is present in seawater to the exteen of 0.15mg/ton. Assume the density of the seaswater is 1.03g/mL and determine how many Au atoms could concievably be extracted from 0.250L of seawater (1 ton= 2.000 x10^3; 1kg = 2.205 lB)

THanks for helping.

Convert ton to grams, then use density to convert to volume. Use that to determine mg Au in 250 mL seawater. Then use 6.02 x 10^23 atoms Au in 1 mol Au. I hope this helps. Post your work if you need further assistance and in detail the trouble you are having in solving the problem.

salinity cannot be measured acurately by what?

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