Unit 4 memory, thinking, and intelligence

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In this activity, you can replicate Sternberg et al.'s initial study by having your students list behaviors that are associated with academic and everyday intelligence. Ask your students to take out two sheets of paper. Tell them to label the first sheet "academic intelligence" and explain that they will have 5 minutes to list all of the behaviors that they can think of that are characteristic of academic intelligence. After completing this list, have them put this sheet aside. Now tell them to label the second sheet "everyday intelligence" and ask them to list behaviors that are characteristic of this type of intelligence. Instruct them not to go back to the previously completed list. After completing the exercise, ask your students to share some of the behaviors that they listed for each category. You can relate their responses to those reported by Sternberg and his colleagues and use their responses to stimulate discussion about the definition and measurement of intelligence.

Please let us know what your homework question is and your first ideas about answering it. Then someone here will be happy to critique your work.


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