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a woman jogging at 6 mph passes a man biking the in opposite direction at 12 mph. If they maintain there speed, how far from each other will they be 10 minutes after passing?

I tried
12 divided by 10 + 6 divided by 10 = 1.8

but I am not sure if that answer is correct...

I think you have the right idea, but there's a unit's mismatch. The time is in minutes and the rates are in miles per hour. Convert the minuts to parts of an hour and repost your answer.

your not alone in that boat i have no idea!

Well, learn to ask questions. I'll try to help and give hints, but I won't work the entire problem. Occasionally I have done the entire problem, but in hindsight I don't see how that helps anyone to learn.

Mason I did the same thing I asked my mom and she said she would have done the same thing ! Im 99.3 Percent sure your correct!

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    Please explain

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    Please explain 4 miles an hour

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