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Can someone help me expand on this?

From a teacher's standpoint, all trust would most likely be destroyed. Any academic value would be lost to that student from that point in time on as far as a teacher would be considered.Not only with that teacher, but probably all other teachers as well, because "good news travels fast...bad news travels at the speed of light." Teachers tend to lose respect for those who don't respect themselves enough to do their own work, because it reflects not only on the teacher, but their profession and reputation as well. It's just an all around bad idea to even think of trying from anyone's stand point.

Although you don't indicate it clearly,I assume that you are talking about academic dishonesty. If so, there is another problem that needs to be considered.

In the long run, academic dishonesty cheats the students too. This means that the cheating students do not gain the skills and information that are likely to help them in the future. When these qualities are needed in the future, the student will be lost.

Although it did not involve cheating, a student I know did not want to take "English, social science or any of that bulls__t." He got a technological certificate that served him very well at the beginning. However, a few years later, he was denied promotions to magangerial levels because he did not have the skills needed to write proposals or reports.

In a similar way, cheating students cheat themselves. However, most of them will not realize it until later in their lives. A college degree can help you to get a job, but only having the necessary skills will help you keep the job and get promotions.

I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

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