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which of these 5 senses does each of these details arouse in the reader?

-"electric runabout"- is it sight?
-"distant, political eartquake"- sight?

I assume the choices are these:

electric runabout. A small car used in cities. In me, touch is the sense I have..I like to drive, and I can feel the under powered "golf cart" creeping along and I am pushing on the steering wheel tring to move it faster.

distant, political earthquake: One feels earthquakes shake the ground. again, touch.

The point I want to make is that differing individuals will have differing senses aroused. This is an individual, cultural thing. Take an array of 150 different types of hot peppers mounted on a board. If I saw one, I might have taste excited, but the board I have seen excited my vision sense, as it was a work of art: colored patterns made in a media I have never seen in art.
So answer these from your own emotional perspective. Never try to answer in the way you think your teacher would, let it come from within you. However, be ready to defend your answer.

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