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Your Aunt will give your $1,ooo if you invest it for 10 years in an account that pays 20% interest compounded annually. That is, at the end end of each year your interest will be added to your account and invested at 20%.
What will your account be worth at the end of 10 years? How much interest will you earn during the 10t year?

(1+r)^n = where r is the interest stated as a decimal (in this case it would be 0.20) and n is the number of years, will give you the value of $1. Multiply that by the number of dollars to be invested. I hope this helps. Post your work if you have trouble.


wats the answer for -3u(5u+7)=-2

jennie, you should post this as a separate question, otherwise we'll miss it.
We have -3u(5u+7)=-2
If you distribute the -3u over the other term we get
-15u^2-21u = -2
Now bring the -2 to the left side
Now we need to find the roots of this equation. We can either try to factor the equation of we can use the quadratic formula. I think the Q.F is the way to go here.
we have x= 21/(2*-15) +/-sqrt(21^2 - 4(-15)2))/(2*-15)
Thus x=-21/30 -/+ sqrt(561)/30
or x = (-21 +/-sqrt(561))/30 if I did the arithmetic correctly.
I'll let you finish the arithmetic and verify the solution.

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    I don't get it

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