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1. The job of the Congress is to __________.
Is it to pass laws???

2. The job of the President is to _______.
umm... confront problems???

3. The job of the courts is to _________.

4. Congress is made up of ______.
Is it 2 houses- the senate and house of representatives?

5. The _________ allows congress to make laws to meet the changing needs of the nation.
hmm.... i don't know.

6. The Supreme Court has the power to declare laws ________.

7. The _______ is the highest law in the land.

ok, i believe #7 is the constitution.

Congress passes laws (or makes laws if you wish).
The President is responsible for their enforcement through appointments, military force and bureaucracies.
The courts -especially the Supreme Court- are charged with interpreting laws to see that they are consistent with the constitution and the established body of law.
Yes, the Congress has two separate bodies: The Senate and House of Reps.
The Supreme Court can nullify laws (overturn decisions based on them too) if they are inconsistent with the court's interpretation of the constitution.
The highest law in the land? Yes, I think the constitution is the only thing that makes sense there.
The Supreme Court is the higest court (or final court if you will), the President is the highest law enforcement official (as commander in chief), and the Congress has the widest lattitude in making and passing laws.

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