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For my AP English class I'll be taking next week when school starts, we needed to read THe Scarlet Letter over the summer and answer a bunch of questions from this packet. I'm stuck on #8, so I was wondering if you guys could help!

8. IN Ch.3 Hester refuses both the aide of the Church & the State - show how - and show how a very similar act occurs near the end of the novel.

The answer to the first part of the question is when she refuses to name the father of her child while standing on the scaffold, so in return the incarcerate her. BUT I don't know what the 2nd part is, how something similar happens at the end of the story. HELP ME! those who have read The Scarlet Letter.


I have not read this work, but something on this webpage may trigger an idea in your mind:

In addition, there may be another teacher here who has read this work and can steer you to a specific chapter or such.


In ch 3, Hester refuses to name the father, and on the podium Hester marks the A, as the father puts his hand on his own chest (his secret A).
In the end, on the stage, both are up there, it is the father who then reveals his secret A, and it is Hestor who then is revealed as the secret Heroine.

Great book. The Puritans represented the bigotry of the religious right in those days, and it was Hester who revealed to them that the "sin" they so hated was in fact sin in themselves.

"In the end, on the stage, both are up there, it is the father who then reveals his secret A, and it is Hestor who then is revealed as the secret Heroine."

But on the 2nd part, how is it that Hester refuses aide from the church & state?

All I can remember of it that in the end, Hestor still is aloof. Didn't she just move to make her child's life better? I don't remember the ending well. I do remember that symbollically, Hester relied only on herself when faced with social pressure.

the paerson who stood up for hester was dimsdale.

what is the decision to the market place in chapters 9-12?

What does Dimmesdale do to ease his guilt?

  • English // The Scarlet Letter, Help! -

    Dimmesdale to ease guilt:
    1. Holds night vigils -- punnishing the body for the good of the soul. He goes without sleep.

    2. He fasts

    3. He keeps a bloody scourge in his closet and beats himself.


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