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10. Suggest how two very different variables could be manipulated to increase the percent yield of sulphur trioxide. The equation for the reaction follows.

2 SO2(g) + O2(g)>>> 2 SO3(g) + energy

Ok, I really don't know this one. Can you please help? Thanks!

You need to increase the yield of SO3. That means making the equilibrium for the reaction shift to the right. How can you do that? We could increase the concentration of SO2, increase the concentration of O2, decrease the concentration of SO3 (by removing it as it is formed), cooling the reaction (removing the energy in the form of heat), or increasing the pressure of the reaction (since there are 3 mols of gas on the left and only two on the right). My instinct tells me that incrasing pressure is one of the two that should be listed plus any one of the others (they are more or less the same type). I hope this helps.

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