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i always have late work i was almost held back last year cause of it i need tips on homework!

Tips on studying, including homework.
Read the chapter in the book BEFORE class. Take notes in class. After class, read the book again and add to your notes to explain things you wrote in a hurry in class. I always found it useful, also, to REWRITE the notes, together with additional explanations. Rewriting, for me at least, was another way to print it in my memory. If something isn't clear to you, ask the teacher. Ask in class if that is allowed and/or go by the teacher's office during office hours. Be sure and have a clear understanding of what you don't understand so that your teacher will not be required to guess at what you don't know. Work homework problems if this is a problems course. Some students find it useful to study in groups; however, I never found that to be useful for me. The groups never stayed focused and we wandered from the subject at hand. If this is a Monday, Wednesday, Friday class, and you met the class Monday, do all of this Monday night and don't wait until Tuesday night to start. That way you will have Tuesday to see the teacher or class mates and see how they have approached a particular problem. By all means be consistent and persistent; i.e., that means work EVERY night, not just now and then. Finally, don't study so late that you get bleary eyed. I always found that I could study for an important test until I started to get sleepy. Then I would go to bed and get up about a couple of hours before the big exam and go over my notes again at least twice. That way the material was fresh in my mind as I walked into class to take the exam. Good luck to you. I hope others will join in with their ideas, too.

1. Study in a quiet place that is free of distractions.
2. Do the reading first. If you don’t you will be lost.
3. Take notes on the reading material.
4. Make and effort to understand and remember the information being studied.
5. When in doubt always ask questions.
6. When studying take breaks.
7. Do Not procrastinate.

can u send some more tips

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