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An effectively written sentence usually:
a. starts with (it is )or (there are) to keep the beginnings similiar.
b. includes passive construction that makes sentenced direct.
c. ends with a direct object to provide readers with closure.
d. used active voice with a clear subject and verb.

Here are some webpages for you to consider. Then let us know what you think, and we'll give you feedback.




and others at www.ccc.commnet.edu/grammar


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    Nowadays children are a childish and immature person who needs guidance from other older as well as seniors to make them in a right path. So school is one of the place from where children can get a knowledge and can be educated. Children are the future so, they must be intelligent, knowledgeable, and educated to make their future bright also they are the parents eyes to see the future. To reduce poverty, illiteracy, and superstitious not only from the society, country such things must be reduce from whole world.
    Thus, as we all know that children are baby flower which must be flower proper tomorrow. Hence also to develop the nation children should go to school.

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