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hello, I have to write my essay for next Sunday on which ethnic group I belong so I understand this right, I would write about white americans but I have to find out if the white americans faced forms of discrimination like dual labor market, reverse discrimination, and stuff like that, I found one article on white americans but didnt' have any of that information in it. Thanks

Don't forget white Americans include women.

try the below search:

"White-Americans" also include Irish-Americans, Italian-Americans, German-Americans (think about attitudes around both World War I and II), and others. There are prejudices all over the place -- and prejudices often lead to discrimination.

Lance is right on in encouraging you to include white women in your essay. Writeacher also pointed out that most "white" American immigrants have been discriminated against in the first generations after their arrivals. "No Irish Need Apply" was a frequent sign in front of businesses when the first waves of Irish immigrated here. When John F. Kennedy ran for president, he faced a virulent, albeit illiterate and ignorant, anti-Catholic opposition.

My son-in-law, a middle-aged white male, is bitter about reverse discrimination. Check this site for more details.

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