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4. During the process of photosynthesis, light energy is used directly in the
A. formation of ATP
B. reduction of NADP
C. excitation of chlorophyll electrons
D. splitting of carbon dioxide molecules

I think it is a or d but i am unsure...

It is a or d. Carbon dioxide molecules do not split, they are attached to ribrose to form an acid which is later turns the acid into celulose or sugar.

k I think that the answer is c because:
One molecule of chlorophyll absorbs one photon. As a consequence an electron of chlorophyll is transferred to a higher energy level. This energy-rich electron is then transferred to a neighbouring electron acceptor with a strong electronegative redox potential. The transfer of the electron from the activated chlorophyll to the (first) acceptor is the first photochemical phase of photosynthesis. Its decisive feature is the transformation of a photon flow (light) into a flow of electrons. As soon as a strongly electronegative (reducing) substance has been produced can the electron flow proceed with electron acceptors of less negative redox potentials. The light energy is used for the flow of electrons from water to NADPH2 and for the simultaneous production of ATP

Yep, that is correct, and detailed. Cite your sources.

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