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Breakeven Graph

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I'm not sure how to create a breakeven graph with this information.

Unit sales price - $120
Unit variable price - $75
Fixed cost - $4500

I figured out that it would breakeven at $100 television sets, but I'm not sure how to create the graph. Could someone help me please?

You will not breakeven at a $ amount, you break even on a quantity Q.
Total revenue is P*Q = 120*Q. Total cost is 4500 + 75*Q. Breakeven occurs when total cost=total revenue -- 120*Q=4500+75*Q. Solve for Q. You can graph the solution also. Both total cost and total revenue are lines. Put $ on the y axis, Q on the x axis.

how do u make one on excel?

how do i do a break even graph on excel

no idea lol

no idea lol

  • Breakeven Graph -

    im doing gcse i need help on how to make a break even chart

  • Breakeven Graph -

    yes y6es yes yes i am very heffy that u told me because i got 32inch cok but now is 1 inch help me suk it off

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