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About a month ago I asked you a question and it was, A quantity of gas has a volume of 0.20 cubic meter and an absolute temperature of 333 degrees Kelvin. When the temperature of the gas is raised to 533 degrees Kelvin, what is the new volume of the gas? You told me how to solve the problem, but the equation you gave me didn't work. The answer came out to be 0.3201201 meters cube,but that's not one of my multiple choices, my choices are A.0.0006 meters cube, B.0.2146 meters cube, C.0.2333 meters cube, or D.0.3198 meters cube. So could someone else help me. Thank You.

Assuming constant pressure

New Volume= OldVolume *(NewKTemp/OLdKtemp)
New volume=.20 *(533K/333K)
The answer is .32 cubic meters

Answer D is very close.

answer is 0.3198m3

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