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I am doing my science 10 by correspondence and I came upon a question that puzzles me. Why are modern light microscopes called Compound microscopes. That and How would I "determine theactual size of the cells shown in the illistration if the field diameter measures 2.2 mm"??? I need help!!!!

Compound microscopes have two lenses, separated from each other. One lens is called the objective and the other is called the eyepice. Magnifying lenses have one lens.

For your second question, estimate or measure the ratio of the diameter of your object, as seen though the eyepiece, to the size of the field of view. Some microsopes have a calibrated scale to help you do this. Multiply that ratio by the field of view diameter (2.2 mm). The field of view may change as you change lenses, so make sure that it really is 2.2 mm. It may be something else.

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