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Hi, I need help with these three questions:

1. What were some of the different issues that contributed to the cause of the U.S. Civil War?

2. Why would the Civil War have contributed to the industrial development of the United States?

3. How was life during the Civil war?

If you click on the Social Studies link at the left, then on US History, and then on Civil War and/or The Confederacy, you will find many further links to good information.

You can also go to and search for information on US Civil War -- the primary search results will be in the center of the page, and additional links to further information will be clustered at the left according to subtopics.


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    I know it is 11 year later Milka, but please do not give advice on this website. You are only supposed to be asking question. BTW this is Amari Kedar, NOT Ms. Sue

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