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Posted by unity jackson on Friday, September 14, 2012 at 8:09pm.

Which of the following is *not* a reason why a transmission signal might be corrupted or lost? 1. The protocol for the transmission is TCP/IP.

2. The cabling does not have any kind of shielding.

3. The copper used to connect the systems is contaminated.

4. The distance between the systems is very large and there are not any repeaters or amplifiers.

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The two types of signalling used for transmissions are Baseband and Broadband. True False

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Amplifiers are better than repeaters because they make the signal larger. True False

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Which of the following network topologies is the most able to deal with both cable/connection loss as well as systems failing? 1. Bus

2. Snowflake

3. Star

4. Mesh

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Which of the following is the technology used for Ethernet? 1. CSMA/CA


3. Slotted-Ring

4. Mesh

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