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Homework Help: ms.sue 5 grade math

Posted by dw on Tuesday, March 27, 2012 at 7:28pm.

1-Becky made 4 quarts of chicken noodle soup in a big pot, then served -cup bowls of soup to 6 people. How much soup is left in the pot? (1 qt = 4 c)

A. none

B. 1 qt 3 c

C. 1 qt 1 c

D. 3 c
my son put answer (B)

2- A bedroom has the dimensions shown. What is the area of the bedroom?

they put the picture in parallelogram height is 156inches and width is 18ft

A. 216 square feet

B. 234 square feet

C. 252 square feet

D. 2,808 square feet
my son put answer is (C)

3- Pete’s back yard is 21 yards long by 48 feet wide. What is the area of Pete’s back yard?

in there they have picture of rectangles height is 48ft and length is 21yard

A. 252 square yards

B. 336 square yards

C. 378 square yards

D. 1,008 square yards
my son write answer is (B)

4- A bicycle trail is 7 miles and 880 yards long. How many total yards is the bicycle trail?

A. 12,320 yards

B. 13,200 yards

C. 14,960 yards

D. 39,600 yards
my son write the answer (C)

5-The kitchen in Pedro’s house is 4 yards long by 10 feet wide. He is going to cover the kitchen floor with square tiles that measure 1 foot on each side. If each tile costs $3, how much will Pedro pay for the tiles

A. $480

B. $360

C. $240

D. $120
in there problem they put picture of square is height is 10ft and length is 4yard my son write the answer (A)

6- Cindy owns a rectangular lot that is 18 yards long and 45 feet wide. She is going to cover the lot with square pieces of sod. If the sod costs $12 per square yard, how much will Cindy pay to completely cover the lot with sod?

A. $270

B. $810

C. $3,240

D. $29,160
in this problem have picture of rectangle and height is 45ft and length is 18yard my son write the answer(C)

7-This glass panel for an office-building window is 48 inches wide by 8 feet long. What is the area of the glass?

in the problem they have pictures of the verticle rectangle the height is 8ft and length is 48in
my son write the answer is (B)

A. 384 square feet

B. 128 square feet

C. 64 square feet

D. 32 square feet

8- Lindsay will lay a certain number of 18-inch square tiles in a line to form a walkway. Which of the following is NOT a possible length for the walkway if she uses only whole tiles?

in the problem they have picture of a square and height is 18in and length is 18in

A. 6 ft

B. 10 ft 6 in.

C. 25 ft 6 in.

D. 32 ft
my son write the answer (B)

9- Thomas’s coach tells him to run 600 yards after practice. How many feet should Thomas run?

A. 1,200 feet

B. 200 feet

C. 500 feet

D. 1,800 feet
my son write the answer is (D)

10- Abigail is 54 inches tall. Which of the following is Abigail’s height?

A. 4ft 1/2in

B. 4 ft 5 in.

C. 4 ft 6 in.

D. 5 ft 4 in
my son write the answer is (C)


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