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Every now and then, instead of using e-mail, mail a letter to your grandparents. We live in a fast-paced world. We feel comfortable using computers to send e-mails and Instant Message. Nana doesn’t live in that time zone. Forget all those fancy fonts and emoticons or abbreviations like LOL. You point and click but Grandpa wants to hold something, unwrap a letter and smell it. A crayoned picture smells special, no scanner can do that. Their senses want to be used. He lives in a physical world, not an invisible one. Grandparents can touch something that is mailed. Sometimes as if touching the ink or pencil on paper helps them touch the writer. A picture can be held and used in so many ways. I get to see my grandkids’ handwriting is changing as they grow. I know how they feel just from the way they write the words. Give your grandparents the real thing that exists in time and space. Something to cherish rather than to be deleted.


1. Revise the above rough draft into a final, polished product containing two paragraphs. Together, the two paragraphs must total 175 to 250 words. In addition, the paragraphs must reflect your writing style, as well as be effective for the purpose and audience. Be sure that one of the reasons you give for mailing a letter is the sensory experience (e.g., smell and touch).

2. To accomplish this task, apply the techniques taught to this point in your course, including writing to persuade. Follow the Reviewing, Editing, and Proofreading steps which are summarized in the Writing Process Review of this study unit. As part of the process, you must accomplish the following actions:
• Write an interesting and engaging topic sentence for each of the two paragraphs making sure each one relates to the overall focus, purpose, and audience.
• Remove from each paragraph whatever wording or details do not directly develop that paragraph’s topic sentence.
• Reorganize the content into a unified, coherent flow that develops each topic sentence and the main focus.
• Add details and explanation you make-up yourself to develop each topic sentence completely.
• Change words to reflect your style, applying a friendly, informal business tone and maintaining a single voice through consistent pronoun use.

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    Considering that we don't know what has been taught in your course, how would you like us to help you?

    We also don't know your writing style.

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