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Calculas HS

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A glass of cold milk from the refrigerator is left on the counter on a warm summer day. its temperature y (in degrees Fahrenheit) after sittin gon the counter t minutes is

y= 72-30(0.98)^t

Answer the question by interpreting y and dy/dt.

1. what is the temperature of the refrigerator? how can you tell?
2. what is the temperature of the room? how can you tell?
3. when is the milk warming up the fastest? how can you tell?
4. determine algebraically when the temperature of the milk reaches 55F(degree)
5. at what reate is the ilk warming when its temperature is 55F(degree)? answer with an appropriate unit of measure.

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    1. What do you expect the temperature of the milk to be at t = 0, assuming it was left in the fridge a long time before removal?

    2. Consider what the milk temperature becomes as t becomes very large.

    3., calculate the derivative, observe the behavior of the function, and tell us what you think.

    4. Solve the equation for t when y = 55

    5. Calculate dy/dt when y = 55

    You should not expect us to do these calculations for you

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