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  1. L.A

    Which phrase describes a speaker's intended audience?(1 point) the tone of voice used by a speaker the language used in a speech the person or group whom a speaker is addressing the location of where a speech is taking place. Plz help me!

  2. Life Orientation

    what role and responsibilities does the media have in reporting human rights violations in a responsible manner in a democratic society?

  3. Social studies

    What kind of arrangement is agreed to in this contract? Sharecropping Black codes Grandfather clause Ten percent plan

  4. English

    In Edgar Allan Poe's "The Cask of Amontillado," the literary device of foreshadowing is used to create mystery when Montressor tells Fortunato a. "You are a man to be missed." b. "A draught of this Medoc will defend us from the damps." c. "You were not to

  5. English help

    1. In a citation within a Works Cited page, which of the following should NOT be in italics? A. the title of a book B. the title of an editorial********* C. the title of an encyclopedia 2. You finished writing a research paper on the way modern technology

  6. Algebra

    What is the quotient? [(x^2 -16) / (2x^2-9x + 4)] / [(2x^2 + 14x + 24) / (4x + 4)]

  7. Biology

    Fossil Record and Embryology Quick Check: Q: Which statement best describes the importance of wisdom teeth to human evolution? A: They are vestigial structures that once performed an important function for human ancestors. Q: Which statement is true? A:

  8. Math

    Which phrase best defines media? Answers: 1: Forms of communication 2: Quantitative 3: A photo of a white blood cell 4: A podcast discussing the civil war

  9. social studies

    1.) What influence did Henry Ford have on other industries of the time? A. His keenness for advertising began a marketing revolution? **** B. His creation of the automobile engine directly led to first flight. C. His production of passenger automobiles

  10. English

    Which phrase best defines an epic simile? a. a figure of speech in which one thing is spoken of as if it were something else b. a literary technique that involves differences between meaning and intention c. a work created in imitation of another d. a

  11. Math Plz Explain

    A basket contains the following pieces of fruit: 3 apples, 2 oranges, 2 bananas, 2 pears, and 5 peaches. Jameson picks a fruit at random and does not replace it. Then Brittany picks a fruit at random. What is the probability that Jameson gets a banana and

  12. English (please check someone)

    Please check this. Thanks! 1. Which of the following should be put in italics to correct the following sentence? Other famous vehicles that suffered a tragic end include the zeppelin Hindenburg and the ocean liner Lusitania. (1 point) Hindenburg and

  13. Pre Algebra

    Which polynomial does the model represent? –x³ + 2x² – 3x + 2 x² + x – 2 –x² – x + 2***** –x² + x – 2 Can someone please help me @Ms.Sue @Reed @WriteTeacher

  14. Language Arts

    Which of the following describes advertising?(1 point) an underlying point of view a true story using facts that can be verified an exchange of information, news, or ideas a promotion that is paid for by a company

  15. Life orientation

    3 ways how social media platforms are abused

  16. Biological Evolution Evidence Quick Check

    (QUESTION 1) Flowering plants have common ancestors with other plants and plant-like organisms. The table below shows the last common ancestor shared between flowering plants and two other types of organisms. A scientist compares the amino acid sequences

  17. Science Common Characteristics

    Moss is classified as a.... 1. Seed Plant 2.Seedless Plant 3. Vascular Plant 4. Nonvascular Plant Bacteria and humans are similar in that they.... 1. are unicellular 2. produce energy 3. grow and reproduce 4. are multicellular ________ is generic term for

  18. Earth Science

    Hey guys, so today I have an assignment due. I finished the rest of the assignment but I was hoping someone could help me with this question. Drag each item to indicate whether it is a cause or effect of the Rio Grande water crisis.

  19. Math (help)

    A coin is tossed, and a standard number cube is rolled. What is the probability that the coin shows heads and the number cube shows an even number? 1/6 1 1/4 1/2

  20. Life orientation

    Give recent (2019.2021)examples of how this problem has displayed itself in your community

  21. Life orientation

    A description recent(2019-2021)example of how this GBV has displayed it'self in your community

  22. History

    What were the main concerns of Jerry Falwell and his followers in the Moral Majority? pls I need them fast the quiz is clintons legacy

  23. math help

    can you help me solve the equation 3x - 3 = -18?? PLZ HELP MEEEE

  24. History

    Which of the following conclusions about the freedman's bureau is best supported by the illustration? A. It's assisted only african americans B. it employed only women C. it provided education to people of all ages** D. its students passed the literacy


    1.Which organization would be the most helpful on providing you with information on how to stop using tobacco? A. American kidney foundation B. American cancer society C. American Legacy*** D. American Society of non-Smokers 2. In nature nicotine acts as

  26. math

    Determine which function has the greater rate of change in questions 1−3 1. x y ------- -1 0 0 1 1 2 2 3 (1 point) The rates of change are equal. The graph has a greater rate of change.*** The table has a greater rate of change. none of the above 2. y =

  27. P.E. help please

    1. Common emergencies include bone,joint, and muscle injuries. True*** False 2. If an individual suffers from heat exhaustion. DO NOT give him any fluids. It will only make it worse. True False*** 1.True 2. False Am I right

  28. algebra 2

    A drama club is planning a bus trip to new york city to see a broadway play. the cost per person for the bus renatl varies inversely as the number of people going on the trip. It will cost $30 per person if 44 people go on the trip. How much will it cost

  29. Physics

    A 1 kg mass is attached to a vertical spring, stretching it by 10 cm from its equilibrium position. With the spring secured in the same stretched position, the 1 kg mass is removed and replaced with a 0.50 kg mass. If the spring is then released, how high

  30. English 10B Final

    Does anyone happen to know all of the answers to the 10b Final Exam? Please I could really use some help if I don't pass this I am going to fail. Much help would be appreciated greatly.

  31. Chemistry

    Use the periodic table and example bond table to answer the question. Example Bond Energies of Ionic Compounds: Li-F = 1036 kJ/mol Li-Br = 807 kJ/mol Na-F = 923 kJ/mol Na-Br = 747 kJ/mol Given the general trend with bond energies, which compounds would

  32. Chemistry

    Calculate the ph solution with hydrogen ion concentration of 6.28×10^-6 moldm and 1×10^-5

  33. Language Arts

    which source is likely the most credible?(1 point) 1) a recent research report published by a professor 2) a decades-old article from an encyclopedia 3) a speech given by a political candidate 4) an advertisement by a large online store I need help!!!

  34. English

    Which of the following statements in a research paper would need citation? A. Washington, D.C. is the capital of the United States. B. The landing on the moon is one of the most exciting events in recent history.*** C. Volcanologists agree that eruptions

  35. Social Studies

    Use the passage to answer the question. "…[The] said Cooper Hughs Freedman with his wife…are to work on said farm and to cultivate forty acres in corn and twenty acres in cotton, to assist in putting the fences on said farm in good order and to keep

  36. English

    1. Which of the following is a specific word as opposed to a general word? A. Job B. Occupation C. Physician*** D. Profession 2. Choose the topic that best limits the broad subject music. A. Famous pianist B. Modern rap music C. History of the harmonica D.

  37. Chemistry

    A Solution Has A PH Of 3.4.What Is Its Hydrogen Ion Concentration?

  38. MATH

    For questions 1 and 2, write each expression using a single exponent. 1.x^9 --- x^2 A.x^11****** B.x^7 c.7 D.x^5 2. h^14 ----- h^3 A. h^-9 B. 1 ---- h^9 C.h^19***** D. h^9 Are these the correct answers or do I have to subtract the exponents? Thank you

  39. Life orientation

    Brief description from your local newspaper of a recent (2019-2021) example of how this problem has displayed itself in your community/town?

  40. Social Studies

    which option describes a pull factor that influenced european immigration to the united states Land scarcity Industrial jobs Political unrest Religious persecution

  41. enviormental science

    In 3–5 sentences, relate the impact of the industrial use of water for hydraulic fracturing (fracking) with the availability and quality of water.(4 points)

  42. Life orientation

    Give recent 2019 to 2021 examples of how this problem of gender based violence has displayed itself in communities

  43. science

    what can you culture about steel consumption and population size in 1850 (1) the population was 100 millions and steel consumption began (2) saving electricity at home (3) pollution from mining operations (4) copper 100%

  44. Life orientation

    Describe two ways in which the law protects citizens against human right violation

  45. Algebra, trigonometry

    Use a graphing calculator to solve the equation in the interval from 0 to 2 pi. Round to the nearest hundredth. 7 cos (2t)=3

  46. Geometry Semester Exam

    Does anyone have the answers for Geometry B; Lesson 2, Unit 8 Semester Exam? Connections Academy. Listen, Dont answer with some unhelpful stuff or negativity, or telling me that yall dont help cheaters because jiskha wouldnt be a functioning website if

  47. LA

    In 1–2 sentences, explain the importance of determining a speaker’s intended audience.

  48. Science

    Which is an example of a bioresource used to build a home? molten glass flattened into windows shingles for the roof of a house lumber used to construct a house frame crushed rock for a gravel driveway

  49. Language arts

    Which is an example of a print source?(1 point) a website a magazine an e-book a video

  50. science

    Plywood is made by gluing together thin layers of wood. Which term best describes plywood? A.composite B.natural C.raw material D.conductor

  51. Physics

    If A=6i-8j,B=-8i-3j and C=26i+19j. Find a and b such that of aA+bB+C=0

  52. History

    Which defines propaganda? a realistic art form intended to depict the authentic lives of peasants a tribute paid to a king in order to receive political favor and benefits social and economic benefits provided by the government to prevent rebellions

  53. English

    Identify the sentence in each group in which the underlined verb does NOT agree with its subject. A. Everyone in Max’s family like to do jigsaw puzzles. B. One of the puzzles is missing a corner piece. C. Both of Max’s cousins are searching for it on

  54. Algebra

    Lesson 10: Quadratic Functions and Equations Unit Test answers please! I need the right ones

  55. English

    1. Which of the following is a specific word as opposed to a general word? (1 point) mammal praying mantis *** reptile amphibian

  56. Social Studies

    I am tired of fighting . . . It is cold and we have no blankets. The little children are freezing to death. My people, some of them, have run away to the hills and have no blankets, no food. No one knows where they are—perhaps freezing to death. I want

  57. English

    A __ includes all the works an author consulted but did not necessarily cite in the actual report. a. Works Cited page b. Bibliography** c. footnote d. parenthetical citation

  58. English

    1. All of the following quotes from "The Swimming Contest" are intended to foreshadow the future conflict between the narrator and Abdul-Karim EXCEPT A. "But it's not true that we're driving the Arabs out. We are out for peace, not war."***** B.

  59. English 2nd post (Can someone please check my work

    1. Read the following passage from "Another Evening at the Club." Putting the ring away in his pocket, he bent over her and with both hands gently patted her on the cheeks. It was a gesture she had long become use to, A gesture that promised her continued

  60. English (Please Check My Work)

    (Can someone please check my work.) 1. Read the following passage found in From Emperor to Citizen. From my infancy I was accustomed to having people kowtow to me, particularly people over ten times my own age. They included old officials of the Ching

  61. Math (Help please!)

    The points plotted on the coordinate plane below are three vertices of a rectangle. ht tp : //imgur dotcom /a/eix1I What are the coordinates of the fourth vertex of the rectangle? (Remove the word "Dot", and put a "." in it's place to access the link, and

  62. History

    1. What belief united the Progressive movement? A) that society's problems could be solved B) that education needed reform C) that there should be a federal income tax D) that political bosses should not hold office 2. What was the main reason for the


    11. Read the following paragraph found in the selection from "From Emperor to Citizen." The "Articles for Favorable Treatment" stipulated that I could live temporarily in the Imperial Palace without fixing any definite time limit. Apart from three large

  64. English

    Please check my answers and correct me if I'm wrong 1. Identify the sentence in which the underlined verb DOES NOT agree with its subject. A. The trophies (are) ready to be awarded. B. There (is) no reason why he cannot play. C. Most of these math

  65. math

    A party store offers small balloons and large balloons. You can choose from pink, blue, green, and yellow balloons. You can choose from silver, gold, and white ribbons. Use the counting principle to find the number of different ways you can choose a

  66. Physical Education

    Which of the following might be described as a recreational activity? a. Kayaking b. Inline skating c. Tango lessons d. All of the above***

  67. Art

    This wooden and plastic chair design Ray and Charles Eames communicates a sense of which artistic characteristics? A. balance B. Rhythm C. color D. creativity

  68. HEALTH (check answers)

    Drugs that slow brain and body activities are called Hallucinogens Stimulants Depressants*** Over-the-counter Drugs that increase brain and body activities are called Hallucinogens Stimulants*** Depressants Over-the-counter Drugs that overload the brain

  69. math Study guide 3

    1. The table shows the results of spinning a four-colored spinner 50 times. Find the experimental probability and express it as a decimal. P(not red) = ? red | blue | green | yellow ----------------------------------------- 20 | 10 | 9 | 11 (1 point) a 0.6

  70. math ~dont know all but check some~ pls help!!!

    1. Draw a model to represent the polynomial x2 + 2x + 4. (1 point) 1 big square, 1 tall rectangle, 4 little sqaures 1 big square, 2 tall rectangles, 4 little sqaures in the shape of an "L" 2 big sqaures, 4 little squares none of these 2. Simplify the

  71. calculus help thanks!

    The gas law for an ideal gas at absolute temperature T (in kelvins), pressure P (in atmospheres), and volume V (in liters) is PV = nRT, where n is the number of moles of the gas and R = 0.0821 is the gas constant. Suppose that, at a certain instant, P =

  72. geometry


  73. english

    Unit 6 lesson 2 semester exam for english 9 answers plz help

  74. Social Studies

    "…[The] said Cooper Hughs Freedman with his wife…are to work on said farm and to cultivate forty acres in corn and twenty acres in cotton, to assist in putting the fences on said farm in good order and to keep them so and to do all other work on said

  75. Life orientation

    Give recent 2019-2021 examples of how this problem has displayed itself in your community

  76. Physical Science

    This is the Final for the semester enjoy and easy 100%:) 1.A person uses a screwdriver to turn a screw and insert it into a piece of wood. The person applies a force of 20 newtons to the screwdriver and turns the handle of the screwdriver a total distance

  77. math

    The farthest distance a satellite signal can directly reach is the length of the segment tangent to the curve of Earth’s surface. The diagram is not drawn to scale. If the angle formed by the tangent satellite signals is 134°, what is the measure of the

  78. Biology B Semester Exam

    What is a benefit of using a model? (Answer) provides a visual guide for abstract concepts Which term is used to describe a two-phase anabolic pathway in which light energy is converted into chemical energy? (Answer) photosynthesis Prokaryotic cells that

  79. Chemistry

    Which phrase describes a dipole moment? (1 point) the separation of positive and negative charges the vibration of a molecule the imbalance of positive and negative charges the releasing of energy from a molecule Which statement best summarizes the

  80. Evolution of the Influenza Virus Quick Check

    Evolution of the Influenza Virus Quick Check: (the answers are surrounded by these stars → ✧✧) Q1) Why did 40% of the human population evolve to tolerate lactose? ✧ Within cultures that rely on milk-producing animals, individuals who tolerated

  81. science

    Which one of the following animals is most likely to be a keystone species, based on the food web provided? grasshopper birds It breeds rapidly and has no predators in this environment. They might introduce other organisms, like viruses and bacteria. The

  82. biology

    Biological Evolution Unit Test 1. Which competition is direct and interspecific? *a hyena and cheetah fighting over a carcass 2. Suppose the mosquito population in an area increases. Which organism may also experience a population increase? *bats 3. A

  83. Science Test

    Use the graph to answer the question. What led to the increase in steel consumption seen on the graph? A.More people started mining steel that are sold outside of the country. B.Fossil fuels that became popular depends on steel production. C.More building

  84. Physics

    Radioactive Decay Energy Quick Check Polonium has a large, unstable nucleus. Through which process is it most likely to become stable? gamma decay beta-plus decay beta-minus decay alpha decay(✔️) Which type of energy does alpha decay generate?

  85. language arts

    Which of the following defines copyright?(1 point) the use of others’ work without permission the right to copy work created by someone else a legal protection given to creators of original work a list of sources used by the author

  86. ELA

    Which is the first step in conducting a research project?(1 point) A conduct research B evaluate different sources C identify a research question **** D find informative sources ALL ANSWERS ARE 1. C identify a research question 2. C plastic, Pacific Ocean,

  87. Language Arts

    Which option tells what it means to draw conclusions from your research? A) complete a detailed investigation of a topic B)read through sources multiple times C)make inferences based on the information D)search for different types of sources Please help

  88. la

    Which phrase defines plagiarism?

  89. Biology

    Examine the amino acid sequences from three organisms (A,B and C). Which two organisms are the most closely related? Organism A: Val-Ser-Thr-Val Organism B-Ala-Leu-Ala Organism C: Val-SerAsp-Met point) A and B They are all equally related. B and C A and C

  90. LA

    Which style of English is a formal or conventional way of expressing ideas to an audience?(1 point) A. standard B. jargon C. speech D. informal

  91. Geometery

    Find the volume of the given prism round to the nearest tenth, if necessary. U6 L4 Geom B:Q 1.B 2.B 3.B 4.C 5.D 6.24 Hope it helps!

  92. Lesson 7: Ethics Quick Check Language Arts 8

    #1 What is the correct term for a set of guidelines or principles that promote good values?(1 point) 1. Cyberbullying 2. Ethical standards

  93. @someone help me with E.S

    Kieran is working on reducing his water usage. Which of the following should he do?(1 point) run his dishwasher only when it has a full load of dishes replace his conventional soap with biodegradable soap take baths instead of showers use sprinklers to

  94. E.S

    Wastewater from which source is technically considered graywater, but should be treated as blackwater?(1 point) washing machine shower toilet kitchen sink @someone help me dude

  95. e.s

    In North Carolina, demand for fresh water has increased dramatically. One of the main reasons for this is increased water use for agriculture. Respond to the following in 3–5 sentences: Relate one effect of agricultural water use on North Carolina's

  96. e.s

    Select the reason cities tended to develop at the fall line on rivers.(1 point) The fall line is where rivers converge, which was beneficial for trade. The fall line is the widest point along the middle of a river, so travel was easier. The fall line is

  97. Algebra

    Is the relationship between the variables inthe table a direct variation, an inverse variation, both, or neither? If it is a direct or inverse variation write a function to model it x: 2, 5, 12, 20 y: 30, 12, 5, 3 A. Direct variation: y = 15x B. Inverse

  98. Science

    Which statements describe an aquifer? Select the three correct answers. layer of impermeable rocks layer of permeable rocks can be created only by digging or drilling underground water storehouse Can be recharged after being depleted I think A,C, and D.

  99. Manufacturing

    What development helped speed up manufacturing of products such as automobiles?

  100. math

    Find the common difference in the outputs to help find the missing outputs in the table. Be sure to show your work. a: 5; 6; 7; 8; 9 b: 3.8; 4.6; 5.4; __; __ (I can't show the table so that's the best i can do. __ = missing outputs)