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  1. Peptide Bonds

    Which of the following shows linear sequence of atoms joined by covalent bonds in peptide backbone. a) -N-C-C-N-C-C-N b) -N-C-O-N-C-O- c) -N-C-C-O-N-C-C-O d)-N-H-C-C-N-H-C-C The answer is a). Is that because it's the only one that linear; as in it doesn't

  2. Chemistry I

    Determine the hydronium ion concentration in a solution that is 0.00018 M Ca(OH)2. Answer in units of M

  3. English

    1. She admitted that she had made a mistake. 2. She admitted making a mistake. ----------------------- Are both the same in meaning?

  4. Mathematics

    A survey of 100 students produced the following statics: 32 study mathematics, 20 study physics, 45 study Biology, 15 study mathematics and biology, 7 study mathematics and physics, 10 study physics and Biology, 30 do not study any of the three subjects 1,

  5. Chemistry

    You are given 1.226 g of a mixture of KClO3 and KCl. When heated, the KClO3 decomposes to KCl and O2, 2 KClO3 (s) → 2 KCl (s) + 3 O2 (g), and 246 mL of O2 is collected over water at 24 °C. The total pressure of the gases in the collection flask is 755

  6. Physics

    acing cyclist is traveling at 15.3 km/h when she speeds up with a constant forward acceleration. After 5.00 s, her speed is 31.0 km/h. What is her acceleration? 3.14 km/h/s forward 4.90 km/h/s forward 23.2 km/h/s forward 27.0 km/h/s forward

  7. Physics

    As a baseball is being caught, it's speed goes from 30.0m/s to 0m/s in about 0.0050s. The mass of the baseball is 0.145kg A) what is the baseballs acceleration B) what are the magnitude and direction of the force acting on it? C) what is the magnitude and

  8. science

    A major motor company displays a die-cast model of its first automobile, made from 9.35kg of iron. To celebrate its one-hundreth year in business, a worker will recast the model in gold from the original dies. What mass of gold is needed to make the new

  9. Physics

    A soccer ball is kicked with an initial horizonal velocity of 18 m/s and an initial vertical velocity of 18 m/s. 1) What is the initial speed of the ball? 2)What is the initial angle of the ball with respect to the ground? 3)What is the maximum height the

  10. physics

    please check: Conductors can be charged by ___, while insulators cannot. a. grounding b. induction c. polarization d. contact D Which of the following is not true for both gravitational and electric forces? a. the inverse square distance law applies b.

  11. pls help ELA

    Before the class takes the test, Jerrod brags that he studied more than his classmates and will get the highest score. Tiffani thinks Jerrod is acting cocky. 1. Which of the following adjectives could replace cocky so that the sentence has a positive

  12. math

    The internal angles of a triangle in the ratio 3:5:7. Find the degree measures of the angles. Also find measure of its greatest exterior angle.Give complete calculation.

  13. Chemistry

    What is the mass (in g) of 4.65x10^22 molecules of P4O10? ( I already calculated it and the answer is 0.1 grams of P4O10.) How many P atoms are present in this sample? Thank you!

  14. the elements and principles of design

    1. Which one of the following factors is one of the principles of design? A. Form C. Pattern B. Color D. Balance 2. Of the following expressions, which best describes the concept of harmony in a room’s decor? A. A consistency of mood B. Strongly

  15. Chemistry

    Use this equation to answer the questions below: Br2 + Cl2 → 2BrCl. a. How many moles of BrCl form when 2.74 mol Cl2 react with excess Br2? b. How many grams of BrCl form when 318.5 g Cl2 react with excess Br2? c. How many grams of Br2 are needed to

  16. Mathematics

    What is 321 409 rounded to the nearest 5 and 87 392 rounded to the nearest 1000

  17. Chemistry

    How Would 250ml Of 0.15M kno3 solution be preared

  18. physics

    A garden hose with a diameter of 1.7 cm has water flowing in it with a speed of 0.58 m/s. At the end of the hose is a nozzle. If the speed of water in the nozzle is 3.8 m/s, what is the diameter of the nozzle?

  19. ASL

    Does anyone know the answers to the unit 5 Lesson 8 Descriptions unit test? I NEED HELP NOW

  20. science

    1.Which car has the greatest efficiency?(1 point) a 900 kg car that travels 15 km per liter of fuel a 900 kg car that travels 20 km per liter of fuel a 1,200 kg car that travels 15 km per liter of fuel a 1,200 kg car that travels 20 km per liter of fuel

  21. Social Studies

    Which factor contributed to Songhai's downfall as a powerful empire? A. a decades-long drought B. its refusal to participate in trade C. internal struggles between rulers D. its geographic isolation from other regions Which factor contributed to the rise

  22. Social Studies

    What factor most explains why the majority of Russians live in the western part of the country? A. government regulations B. climate C. language D. natural resources***

  23. Maths

    jason went shopping, he bought a watch and a pair of trainers for a total price of £53.55, this price includes a 15%loyalty discount. before the discount the trainers were priced at £38 work out the price of the watch before the discount

  24. math

    If TanA=k.TanB prove that (k+1)sin(A-B)=(k-1)sin(A+B).

  25. Calculus 1

    A particle moves along a straight line with equation of motion s = f(t), where s is measured in meters and t in seconds. Find the velocity and speed when t = 5. (Round your answers to two decimal places.) f(t) = t^−1 − t *We havent learned derivative

  26. Calculus 1

    simplify the expression. cos(2 tan^-1 x)

  27. Physics

    an automobile travels 3 miles due north then 5 miles north of east. what is your resultant displacement?

  28. Physics

    A 1.5 uF capacitor is connected to a 9.0 V battery. Use PE=1/2C(change in V)^2 to find the energy stored in the capacitor.


    A rock is dropped from rest into a well. The sound of the splash is heard 2.40 s after the rock is released from rest. (a) How far below the top of the well is the surface of the water? The speed of sound in air (at the ambient temperature) is 336 m/s.

  30. Intermediate Accounting

    The 10% bonds payable of Klein Company had a net carrying amount of $570,000 on December 31, 2006. The bonds, which had a face value of $600,000, were issued at a discount to yield 12%. The amortization of the bond discount was recorded under the

  31. Chemistry

    What is the mass gram of 4.65×10²² molecules of tetraphosphorus decaoxide. How many phosphorus atoms are present in the sample

  32. Mathematics

    Round off 6823617 to the nearest 5

  33. Earth Science A

    The evidence related to the Big Bang theory primarily supports which of the following ideas? Select the two correct answers.(1 point) A. The universe is cooling to the point where it will start to contract. B. The universe is expanding and warming very


    Which statement correctly describes the relationship between molecular structure, the strength of electrostatic forces between molecules, and the boiling point of a substance? A: The boiling point of a substance affects the strength of electrostatic

  35. Biology

    Meiosis is a type of cell division that is specific to(1 point) sperm cells. sex cells. egg cells. daughter cells. A new species of plant is found in the rainforest. How can genotyping help scientists to determine what the plant is?(1 point) Can determine

  36. science

    Analyzing Gravitational Data Quick Check answers all are correct 1) Which has more air resistance: a flat sheet of paper or a paper airplane? a sheet of paper because it had a wider area** 2) A shoe and a shirt are released from the same height. They take

  37. Mathematics

    321 409 rounding off to the nearest 5

  38. mathematics

    What is the 15th term of the linear sequence below? 22 , 18 , 14 , 10 , 6

  39. science

    When white light strikes this object, the light is completely absorbed, with none of it transmitted or reflected. Which type of object could this be? I have done the quick check can someone help me to see if the anwser is right?

  40. ELA

    Which sentence contains an allusion? A.Sarah worked like Cinderella until all of her chores were done. B.Cinderella meets a fairy godmother who saves her from her wicked stepmother and stepsisters. C.Sarah ate buttery popcorn while she watched Cinderella

  41. scince

    1. A child holds a red ball. Why does the ball look red?(1 point) a. Only red light waves are absorbed by the ball. b. All visible light waves except red are absorbed by the ball. c. Only red light waves reach the surface of the ball. d. All visible light

  42. Language Arts

    Which one of these statements is true about summaries?(1 point) A. They can help a reader write a story. B. They can help a reader to be objective. C. They can help a reader remember a story. D. They can help a reader understand the author. What should a

  43. biology

    How do you calculate the adjusted amount of energy that is available to organisms that are one trophic level above producers? gross primary productivity minus amount of organic material used in respiration net primary productivity plus gross primary

  44. business

    1. Which of the following responses best defines the term demand? (1 point) the willingness and ability of buyers to purchase a product, good, or service a want and need felt by the consuming public in a free-market system an inner desire that must be

  45. math

    Log√35 - log√7 + log√2

  46. Math

    Radio signals travel at a rate of 3x10^8 meters per many seconds would it take for a radio signal to travel from a satellite to the surface of earth if the satellite is orbiting at a height of 3.6x10^7 meters? A. 8.3 seconds B. 1.2x10^-1 seconds

  47. social studies

    Which of the following factors helped trade to thrive during the Roman empire? Select the three correct answers. A. peace throughout the empire===== B. a shared religion throughout the empire C. a language similar to that of trading partner nations D.

  48. Physics

    Two forces 60n and 80n respectively act simultaneously at a point

  49. sport

    what are the reasons for olympic games to largest of all sporting events ?

  50. English

    1. The committee were divided in their opinions. 2. The committee was divided in its opinions. 3. The committee was divided in their opinions. [Which senteces are grammatical?]

  51. Algebra

    1. What is the shape of the bases for the following polyhedron? A. Triangle B. Square C.rectangle D. Circle 2. What is the best name for the given solid figure? A. Rectangular pyramid B.rectangular cone C. Rectangular prism D. Rectangle 3. How many lateral

  52. physic

    Three forces act on an object with F1 = (6.03i + 11.17j) N and F2 = (2.19i − 13.53j) N. If the net force on the object is zero, what is the unknown force, F3? (Express your answer in vector form.) F3 = N

  53. Physics

    A man pulls a bucket of water of mass 10kg from a well 5meter deep in 5 sec. Calculate the power of the man.

  54. English

    Read this excerpt from Alexander Pope's The of Lock "No common weapons in their hands are found/ Like gods they fight l, nor dead a mortal wound.../ See, fierce Belinda on the Baron flies/ With more than usual lightning in her eyes..." This account of the

  55. math

    Evaluate: 1 2/3 x 2 5/8 Give your answer as a mixed number in its simplest form. PLEASE HELP AS SOON AS POSSIBLE !!!!!!

  56. Biology

    A farmer grew only one type of onion. All of the onion plants died from the same disease. What can be said of this onion plant population. A. Only few plants were resistant to the disease B. All of the onion plants were resistant to the disease. C. The

  57. Chemestry

    A new element has been discovered and you are on the task force to determine where this new element will be placed on the periodic table with its known properties. Using the model of the periodic table and its periodic patterns, analyze the data of the

  58. Physics help!

    An alpha particle(charge +2e) is sent at a speed towards a gold nucleus( +79e ). 1) what is the electric force acting on the alpha particle when it is 2.0 x 10^-14 m from the gold nucleus. 2) if the alpha particle came to a stop at this position after

  59. General Mathematics

    A jeepney ride costs P8.00 for the first 4 kilometers, and each additional integer kilometers adds P1.50 to the fare. Use a piecewise function to represent the jeepney fare in terms of the distance (d) in kilometers.

  60. Math help PLEASE!!!!

    1. David drew triangle PQR as shown: If LQPR measures 135 degree, which statement is true for LPQR and LPRQ?

  61. Math

    A copper solid cylinder of radius 14cm and height 10cm is melted and recast into cylindrical wire of diameter 4mm.find the length of the copper wire

  62. Geometry

    justify the last two steps of the proof. Given: ABCD is a parallelogram. Prove: triangleABC = triangleCDA 1. ABDC is a parallelogram 1. given 2. AB = DC and BC =DC 2. opposite sides of a parallelogram are congruent 3. AC = CA 3. ? 4. triangleABC =

  63. History

    why did southerners resist the increased tariff in 1828

  64. Government

    which of the following is an example of the principle of checks and balances? A)President can veto an act of congress. B)Members of congress have the power to raise their own salaries C)Federal courts have the power to hear cases involving federal law

  65. Computer Applications

    Develop An Algorithm And Draw the Flowcharts To Find the Sum of Odd Numbers Between 100 And 200

  66. Math

    1. Which of the following best describes the altitude of a triangle? A) A segment perpendicular to a side of the triangle. B) A segment that passes through the midpoint and is perpendicular to a side of a triangle. C) A segment drawn from the vertex to the

  67. English

    help and check please . If got wrong help please. My answers have * by it Choose the meaning of the bold words in questions 1-6 1. Men hold me/ FORMIDABLE for GUILE in peace and war: / this fame has gone abroad to the sky’s rim. (from the Odyssey, Part

  68. Art

    Which inference about Near Eastern cultures is best supported by this image? (Its a image of Cappadocian Tablet with Cuneiform Inscription Assyrian) A. All citizens of the ancient Near East were excellent writers. B. This tablet describes the only god

  69. Math

    1. For the following system of equations, what is the x-value of the solution? -x+2y=6 6y=x+18 a. -18 b. 0*** c. -6 d. 3 2. Solve the following system of equations using substitution. What is the value of y? 2x+3y=105 x+2y=65 a. 15 b. 25 c. 40*** d. 65

  70. math

    Mr. X invested a part of his investment in 10% bond A and a part in 15% bond B. His interest income during the first year is Rs.4,000. If he invests 20% more in10% bond A and 10 % more in 15% bond B, his income during the second year increases by Rs.500.

  71. Algebra

    A college football coach wants to know if the is a correlation between his players' leg strength and the time it takes for them to sprint 40 yards. he sets up the following test and records the data: Every day for a week, he counts how many times each

  72. Math

    A coin is biased so that a head is twice as likely to occur as a tail. If the coin is tossed 3 times, what is the probability of getting 2 tails and 1 head? What do you mean by biased in probability?

  73. basic chemistry(projectile)

    A ball of mass 400g is thrown with an initial velocity of 30.0 ms-1 at an angle of 45.0 degrees to the horizontal.air resistance is negligible.the ball reaches a maximum height H after a time of 2.16s (1)calculate the initail kinetic energy of the ball?

  74. Calculas

    Hi, can someone confirm if i got the right answer to this question. SO the region between curves y=x^2+1, y=2x^2-2 and the two axes, Is rotated around the Y-AXIS to form a solid glass vase. Determine the volume of the vase. I got 4*pi. Need confirmation if

  75. Math

    a cone and a hemisphere share the base that is a semicirclee with radius 3 and the cone is inscribed inside the hemisphere. find the volume of the region inside the hemisphere

  76. Trig FInd Translation Rule and Coordinates Thanks!

    The vertices of a rectangle are R(–5, –5), S(–1, –5), T(–1, 1), and U(–5, 1). After translation, R' is the point (–11, –11). Find the translation rule and coordinates of U'. (x, y)--> (x – 6, y + 6); (–11, 7) (x, y)--> (x – 6, y –

  77. maths

    a cube painted on its six faces and then it is cut into 4913 smaller cubes of equal size how many cubes are painted only on one face hw many cubes are painted only 2faces


    The pressure at the bottom of a vessel filled with liquid does not depend on: a- the acceleration of gravity b- the liquid density c- the height of the liquid d- the area of the liquid surface

  79. algebra

    Suppose the speedometer in your car reads 55.0 mph also written as mile/hour. What is your speed in m/sec? (1 km = 0.621 mi.) unit factor methond soooo lost on this one please help!!!

  80. Physics

    Physics Question Please Help? A wire, 20.0 m long, moves at 4.0 m/s perpendicularly through a magnetic field. An EMF of 40V is induced in the wire. What is strength of the magnetic field?

  81. Geometry

    Can a triangle have sides with the given lengths? Explain. 15) 8cm, 7cm, 9cm 16) 7ft, 13ft, 6ft 17) 20in, 18in, 16in 18) 3m, 11m, 7m

  82. Precalculus

    What are the steps necessary to write a function? Example, Create a function that has a removable discontinuity at x = b, a horizontal asymptote at "a", and a y-intercept at "c". I have a gap between math classes and I know I'm missing something here. I

  83. Social

    Define Balkan War

  84. physics

    An electric kettle is rated 2kilowatt,240 volt and when filled with cold water takes 5mins to boil. Calculate the resistance of the element when the kettle is in used

  85. Math

    87392 to the nearest 10

  86. Math pls help me

    1. The proportion of lemon juice in a fruit drink is 250 ml in every litre. Tom wants to make 3 litres of fruit drink. a. How much lemon juice does he need? b. How much fruit drink can be made from 2 litres of lemon juice?

  87. French (Answers)

    ***Connexus Only!!*** Unit 1: Lesson 10 La Lecture and Les Endroits Test 2 Grade 9 Fill In The Blank ⬇ 1. je fais 2. nous faisons 3. ils font 4. tu fais Multiple Choice ⬇ 5. B (Je fais une promenade) 6. D (Je fais attention) 7. C (Je fais les devoirs)

  88. Social Studies

    What is considered the greatest example of Incan engineering? A. the chinampas B. the road network C. the ayllu system D. the food storehouses

  89. Physical Science

    Why 8 carat earring a heterogeneous mixture?

  90. chemistry

    Which of the following happens when an ionic bond is formed? A. One atom pulls an electron from another atom. B. Two atoms attain equal electronegativities. C. One atom becomes more electronegative than another atom. D. Two atoms share an electron. - Which

  91. Art

    All of the following are examples of graphic design except A. A painting B. A newspaper C. An illustrated manual D. An online advertisement

  92. English

    Which claim could support the argument "The school district should revise its homework policies"(1 point) School districts should serve the best interests of the students. Every other district has a better policy. Homework should be purposeful. The

  93. geometry

    1. A length of rope is stretched between the top edge of a building and a stake in the ground. The head of the stake is at ground level. The rope also touches a tree that is growing halfway between the stake and the building. If the tree is 38 feet tall,

  94. Chemistry

    Which change happens when a substance melts? o Hear energy overcomes the forces of attraction between the molecules of the substance so the molecules can move more freely. o The molecules of the substance move farther apart which pulls on the

  95. History

    Write a short essay that compares and contrasts the responses to discrimination and goals for improvement stated by Booker T. Washington and W. E. B. Du Bois. Support your ideas with facts and details from the primary and secondary sources you analyzed.

  96. civics

    Which statement BEST describes the philosophy of John Locke? A. There is no need for government since natural law will ensure that humanity continues to progress. B. Governments should have separation of powers to ensure their citizens retain the greatest

  97. chemistry

    How would 250 ml of o.15 M KNO3 solution be prepared?(in form of equation)

  98. Phsyics

    A piece of copper ball of mass 20g at 200oc is placed in a copper calorimeter of mass60g containing50g of water at 30oc .Ignoring heat losses,calculate the final steady temperature of the mixture ,(specific heat capacity of water = 4.2Jkg)specific heat

  99. science

    2. All biomolecules have the following traits except(1 point) nitrogen elements. a carbon backbone. covalent bonds. hydrogen elements.

  100. Biology Unit 5 Lesson 15

    1. What is the original source of energy in the food you eat? Plants Sun*** Sugar Photosynthesis 2. Why are leaves red in the fall? Chlorophyll breaks down because there's less sunlight.*** Chlorophyll absorbs red in the fall, rather than green.