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  1. life orientation

    two ways in which media could ensure access of information to all communities

  2. Physics

    a barefoot field-goal kicker imparts a speed of 30 m/s to a football at rest. If the football has a mass of 0.50 kg and time of contact with the football is 0.0025 s, what is the force exerted on the foot?

  3. Life orientation

    3 ways how social media platforms are abused

  4. Physics

    An elastic chord can be stretched to its elastic limit by a load of 8.0N. Assuming it gives an extension 250cm when a load of 0.4N is hung. What would be the chord length when a force of 2.8N is applied?

  5. Life orientation

    Give a description of a GBV (2019-2021)example of how this problem has displayed itself in your community

  6. Life orientation

    Evaluate to what extent the following institutions have supported communities affected by gender based violence.. Government, community, religious organization

  7. Life orientation

    Give recent 2019 to 2021 examples of how this problem of gender based violence has displayed itself in communities

  8. Life orientation

    Give recent 2019-2021 examples of how this problem has displayed itself in your community

  9. Life Orientation

    what role and responsibilities does the media have in reporting human rights violations in a responsible manner in a democratic society?


    To what extent has the community have or been supporting communities affected by human right violations

  11. mathematics

    what is the height of a lamp whose two radii are 20cm and 30cm slant height is 40cm

  12. Physics

    An elastic cord can be stretched to it's elastic limit by a load of 2n.if a 35cm length of the cord is extended 0.6cm by a force of 0.5n.what will be the length of the cord when the stretching force is2.5n

  13. Life orientation

    Evaluate to what extent the following institutions have or are currently supporting communities affected by the government

  14. Physics

    When a force of 50N is applied to the free end of an elastic cord, an extension of 4cm is produced. Calculate the work done on the cord.

  15. Life Orientation

    Provide 4 strategies that communities could engage in to protest Gender based violence in their areas

  16. Write a letter to your friend in another school in

    Write a letter to your friend in another school inviting him or her to your school

  17. Physics

    If the speed of sound is 1100 feet per second and a tuning fork oscillates at 440 cycles per second, what is the wavelength of the sound produced?

  18. Life Orientation

    What role do the media have in reporting human rights violations in a responsible manner?

  19. Math

    I am a little confused with this: How do I change 8 1/3% into a fraction? Can someone explain or show me so I can understand? Thanks

  20. friction

    A 40 kg slab rests on a friction less floor.a 10 kg block rests on top of the slab.the coefficient kinetic friction between the block and the slab is 0.40.a horizontal force of 100N is applied on the 10 kg block.find the resulting acceleration of the slab.

  21. math

    A box with an open top has vertical sides, a square bottom, and a volume of 256 cubic meters. If the box has the least possible surface area, find its dimensions.

  22. English

    Poetry is the journal of a sea animal living on land, wanting to fly the air. i not understand what he mean

  23. chem

    what is the molality of a solution of 50.0 grams of propanol in 152 mL water if the density of wate is 1.0 g/mL and the density of the solution is 0.78 g/mL

  24. Mathematics

    Alan keeps fit by cycling each night he warms up 45 minutes and then cycle several laps each let's take him two minutes to complete. Calculate how many laps he cycles if he takes 45 minutes all together

  25. Life orientation

    Briefly explain one merit and one demerit of the fees must fall campaign in student fees in most higher education institutions

  26. Life orientation

    Give recent (2019.2021)examples of how this problem has displayed itself in your community

  27. Life Orientation

    What are four legal actions that the community can take to make the municipality aware of their dissatisfaction regarding service delivery

  28. Life Orientation

    Give recent (2019-2021) examples of how this problem has displayed itself in your community (human trafficking)

  29. Mathematics

    an electric post was hit by a lightning and was broken. the broken part makes a right triangle with the ground forming a 20° angle with the other part. the topmost part which is on the ground is 15 meters from the base, how tall is the post before it was

  30. Mathematics

    An aeroplane flies due north from an airport after 800km it then travels on a bearing of 050degrees for 500km at which point it crises a River.calculate the distance and bearing of this point from the airport.

  31. financial

    With continuous compounding at 8 percent for 20 years, what is the approximate future value of a N$20,000 initial investment?

  32. Science

    Which of the following distinguishes this bacterial cell from eukaryotes? a DNA in the bacterial cell is always in contact with the cytoplasm, and all eukaryotes have DNA located inside a nucleus. b The bacterial cell has both a cell membrane and a cell

  33. algebra

    XYZ company’s cost function for the next four months is C=500,000+5Q a) Find the BE dollar volume of sales if the selling price is br.6/unit b) What would be the company’s cost if it decides to shut down operatios for the next four months c) If,

  34. Life orientation

    Describe two ways in which the law protects citizens against human right violation

  35. Physics

    A ball of mass 0.5 kg, initially at rest, acquires a speed of 4 m/s immediately after being kicked by a force over a period of time 2 sec. What is the magnitude of the force? 1 N 0.5 N 2 N 4 N

  36. physics

    vector A has magnitude 8units and makes an agle of45°with the positive x-axis vector B also has the same magnitude of 8units and directed along the negative x-axis determine the magnitude and direction of A+B?

  37. physics

    A spring of natural length 3m is extended by 0.01m by a force of 4N. What will never it's length when the applied force is 12N?

  38. Social studies

    1. Which early Southeast Asian civilization built the Angkor Wat temple? A. Brunei B. Khmer***** C. Srivijaya D. Thai 3.Drag the words to the boxes in the sentences to show how religion spread throughout Southeast Asia. Islam added to Hinduism and Islam,

  39. Mathematics

    Construct triangle ABC in which AB is 7cm AC is 9.5cm and is 120.measure BC.

  40. Math

    a boy standing 70m away from a flag post observe that the angle of elevation of the top and bottom of a tower on top of the flag post are 57 and 69 degrees respectively. find the height of the tower

  41. physics

    An air puck of mass m1 = 0.24 kg is tied to a string and allowed to revolve in a circle of radius R = 1.4 m on a frictionless horizontal table. The other end of the string passes through a hole in the center of the table, and a mass of m2 = 1.3 kg is tied

  42. Science

    An airplane from rest accelerates on a runway at 5.50 m/s2 for 20.25s until it finally takes off the ground. What is the distance covered before take off?

  43. Calculus

    An open box is made by cutting squares of side w inches from the four corners of a sheet of cardboard that is 24" x 32" and then folding up the sides. What should w be to maximize volume of the box? I started by trying to get a formula for the volume which

  44. Math

    A construction crew wants to hoist a heavy beam so that it is standing up straight. They tie a rope to the beam, secure the base, and pull the rope through a pulley to raise one end of the beam from the ground. When the beam makes an angle of 40 degrees

  45. Computers2

    In the following routing table entry, where will a packet addressed to be handled? is subnetted, 4 subnets C is directly connected Serial 0 R via Serial 1 R via Serial 1 C is

  46. chemistry

    Does Alka-Seltzer dissolve faster in hot or cold water? background: give information about why this lab is important, what key principles are involved and explain them. i need 2 paragrpahs so i was thinking on writing a bit on what alka seltzer is but idk

  47. math

    The sum of the first 20 terms of an arithmetic series is identical to the sum of the first 22 terms. If the common difference is -2, find the first term.

  48. Physics 20

    1. How much heat energy is required to change 500 grams of water at 100 degrees Celsius to steam at 100 degrees Celsius? 2. How much energy is lost if 7kg of water is cooled from 46 degrees Celsius to 2 degrees Celsius? 3. How much energy is gained when a

  49. Marketing

    Explain how a firm's objectives may affect its search for opportunities.

  50. Please Help!! Math

    A display of cans on a grocery shelf consists of 20 cans on the bottom, 18 cans in the next row, and so on in an arithmetic sequence, until the top row has 4 cans. How many cans, in total, are in the display?

  51. Essay

    Essay: How I surprised my friend on her birthday part. A birthday party is the one day a year, which is very special and unique to everyone in their life. It is a day that should be celebrated with lots of joys and some surprises. Basically, I thought I

  52. chemistry

    If 0.500 mol of nitrogen gas occupies a volume of 11.0 L at 0°C, what volume will 2.15 mol of nitrogen gas occupy at the same temperature and pressure?

  53. math

    the perimeter of an isosceles triangle is 21 meters. the length of one side is 3 meters longer than the length of the other two sides. find the length of each side.

  54. trigonometry

    if sin2x=3sin2y, prove that: 2tan(x-y)=tan(x+y) ( here, in sin2x, 2x is an angle., like there's a formula:sin2x=2sinxcosx and sin2y=2sinycosy; ....)

  55. language arts

    Many experts have suggested that the lack of student socialization during the pandemic has been mediated by the use of social media. In 3-5 sentences, describe how you would conduct a research project about the effects of isolation during the pandemic and

  56. Life orientation

    Explain one merit and one demerit of the fees must fall campaign in student fees in most higher education institutions

  57. Life Orientation

    Give a description of xenophobia recent (2015-2017) example of how this problem is displaying itself in the community

  58. Life orientation

    A description of a recent (2019-2021) example of how this problem (human trafficking) has displayed itself in Soweto?

  59. Science

    Description from your local Newspaper of Recent 2019_2021

  60. Life orientation

    how social media platforms are abused

  61. Life Orientation

    are you aware of human rights violations happening in your community?

  62. Life orientation

    Give a description of a recent (2019-2021)example of how this problem has displayed itself in your community

  63. life orientation

    recent examples of human trafficking in communities(2019-2021)

  64. Life orientation

    3.1Discuss three contributing factors that led to the human rights GBV

  65. Life Orientation

    State two ways in which media could ensure access of information to all communities

  66. Algebra

    8. The speed of the current in a river is 6 mph. A ferry operator who works that part of the river is looking to buy a new boat for his business. Every day, his route takes him 22.5 miles against the current and back to his dock, and he needs to make this

  67. physics

    at t=0, a particle moving in the xy plane with constant acceleration has a velocity of vi=(3.00i-2.00j) m/s and is at the origin. At t=3.00s, the particles velocity is v=(9.00i+7.00j). Find (a) the acceleration of the particle and (b) its coordinates at

  68. Algorithm

    calculate the sum of squares of given input of numbers flowchart

  69. physics

    A simple pendulum is made from a ping-pong ball with a mass of 10 grams, attached to a 60-cm length of thread with negligible mass. The force of air resistance on the ball is Fair =−b𝑥̇, in which = 0.016 kg s-1 [gravitational acceleration, g = 9.81

  70. Life orientation

    1.1.1 Difine and describe gender - violence. 1.1.2 Give a brief description from your local Newspaper of a recent ( 2019-2021) example of how this problem has displayed itself in your community/town. 1.1.3 State your own position on this specific problem

  71. Mechanics

    An elastic wire extend by 1.0 cm when a load of 20g hang from it, what additional load will it be required to cause a further extension of 2.0cm

  72. Life orientation

    Give a description of a recent(2018_2021) example of how this problem has displayed itself in your community

  73. Life orientation

    Evaluate to what extent the following institutions have supported communities affected by gender based violence: Government Community(NGOs)and religious oganization

  74. Math

    If θ is an angle in standard position and P (-3/4, √7/4) is a point on the unit circle on the terminal side of θ, what is the value of secθ?

  75. Language arts

    Which of the following is a benefit of presenting information in a variety of media and formats? It makes a topic easier to understand. It engages the reader. It presents all the sources in one place. It is more entertaining. Which of the following is the

  76. Lo

    Define and describe the human rights violation of xenophobia

  77. bilogy

    escribe how an organism broken down into smaller components?

  78. mathematics

    a two digit is such that the sum of the ones and tens digit is ten. If the digits are reversed the new number formed exceeds the original by 54. Find the number

  79. Mathematics

    Ables and Galang divide partnership profits and losses solely on the basis of their average capital balances. Ables had P 275, 000 invested during all of 2020; Galang had P 200,000 invested from January 1 to August 31, and he invested another P 75, 000 on

  80. chemistry

    The pH of a 0.060 M weak monoprotic acid, HA is 3.44. Calculate the Ka of the acid.

  81. mathematics

    Using first principle in calculus.solve 2x²+5x+3

  82. mathematics

    find the volume of the solid of revolution generated when the region bounded by the curve y =x^2,the x-axis, and the lines x = 1 and x = 2 is revolved about the x-axis.

  83. Physics

    A spiral spring is compressed by 0.03m. Calculate the energy stored in the spring if its force constant is 300N/ m

  84. Science

    Which of the following statements about a lunar eclipse is true? A: A lunar eclipse can occur when the moon is in any phase B: A lunar eclipse can only occur when there is a full moon C: Lunar eclipses occur in a matter om minutes D: Lunar eclipses create

  85. Math

    Sports team won twice as many games as they lost. The sum of games won and games lost was 42 games. How many games did they win?

  86. Health

    Please check my answer thank you. 1. Which key component that contributes to our health status is a major confounder of the physical environment? A. Heredity B. Genetics C. Personal behaviors D. Socioeconomic environment X

  87. Social Studies

    Around 1200 CE, what early civilization in Cambodia built the Angkor Wat temple? A. Han Chinese *B. Khmer* C. Sumatran D. Thai

  88. English

    5. You can always go back to your old ways AFTER YOU HAVE BEEN HIRED. A) independent B) subordinate*** 6. IF YOUR WRITING SLANTS TO THE RIGHT, you are probably friendly & open. A) independent B) subordinate*** 7. If your writing slants to the left, YOU

  89. Physics

    Amechanic pushes a 2.50*10^3 kg car from rest to a speed of v, doing 5.00*10^3 Jof work in the process, During this time, the car moves 25.0m. Neglecting friction between car and road, find (a) v and (b) the horizontal force exerted on the car

  90. Mathematics

    P, Q and R are points on the same horizontal plane. The bearing of Q from P is 150° and the bearing of R from P is 060°. If /PQ/=5m and /QR/=3m a.) Sketch the diagram b.) Find the bearing of R from P, correct to the nearest degree.

  91. History

    Explain the different functions of the aerospace centers in Houston and Cape Canaveral. I think this is the answer, can somebody please double check it. ***In Houston, Texas, the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center is a place where visitors can see the history

  92. history

    plz help 1 Kaiser Wilhelm I’s arbitration commission supports U.S. claim to San Juan Islands. 2 Pig War ensues to decide whether Haro Strait or Rosario Strait is the maritime border. 3 Territory divides into Washington Territory and Idaho Territory. 4

  93. Texas History.

    After the great depression what trends were evident in Texas?

  94. history

    Why did the Flemish support Edward III's claim to the throne of France? A. The French had been seizing Flemish territory. B. They wanted the English to rule Flanders. C. Their textile industry depended on English wool. D. They had been at war with the

  95. Physics

    A helicopter ascending at a rate of 12 m/s . At a height of 80 m above the ground a package is dropped . How long does the package take to reach the ground ?

  96. physics

    A body is accelerated continuously. What is the form of the graph? A. cubic B. inverse C. linear D. quadratic

  97. Maths

    Two chords AB and CD of A circle intersect at right angle at a point inside the circle if m(angle BAC is 35 degree find m(angle ABD)

  98. Math

    M varies directly as the square of N. If N increases by 10%, find the percentage change in M

  99. Math

    A surveyor sights two signs and the angle between the two lines of sight measures 55. If the first and the second signs are 70 m and 50 m away,respectively,from the surveyor, find the distance between the two signs .Express your answer to the nearest

  100. MATH

    Draw the graph of the equation 4x²-6x+3 using the -2≤x≤3 use a scale of 2cm to 1unit on the x-axis, 1cm to 4units in the y-axis. Find the graphfind; (a) minimum value of y (b) The roots of the equation 4x²-6x-3=0 (c) The value of x when y=5 (d) The