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  1. life orientation

    two ways in which media could ensure access of information to all communities

  2. Life orientation

    3 ways how social media platforms are abused

  3. Physics

    Two identical resistors are connected in parallel across a 26-V battery, which supplies them with a total power of 9.8 W. While the battery is still connected, one of the resistors is heated so that its resistance doubles. The resistance of the other

  4. life orientation

    give a description of a recent 2019 to 2021 example of how human trafficking has displayed itself in south africa

  5. physics

    an elevator lifts a total mass of 1.1x10^3 kg, a distance of 40 m in 12.5 s. How much power does the elevator demonstrate? P=w/t w=mgd (1.1x10^3)(9.8)(40)=4.3x105J 4.3x10^5J/12.5=3.4x10^4 is this right or should 12.5 s be converted?

  6. Life orientation

    Give recent 2019 to 2021 examples of how this problem of gender based violence has displayed itself in communities

  7. english

    traditional healers should be allowed to practise and prescribe medicine in hospitals and clinics

  8. Life orientation

    Give recent (2019.2021)examples of how this problem has displayed itself in your community

  9. Life Orientation

    Give recent (2019-2021) examples of how this problem has displayed itself in community

  10. Life orantation

    Give recent (2019-2021) examples of human trafficking and how it has displayed itself in the community


    Give recent 2019 2021 examples of how gender based violence has displayed itself in your community

  12. Life Orientation

    what role and responsibilities does the media have in reporting human rights violations in a responsible manner in a democratic society?

  13. Life Orientation

    What role do the media have in reporting human rights violations in a responsible manner?

  14. Traditional african marriage is an advantage for men only,women

    Traditional african marriage is an advantage for men only,not women

  15. Life orientation

    Evaluate to what extent the following institutions have or are currently supporting communities effected by human trafficking on government

  16. math

    lara is six years older than pamela. what are their present ages if in 5 years the sum of their ages is 32

  17. Math

    A pile of bricks has 85 bricks in the bottom row, 81 bricks in the second row up, 77 in the third, and so on up to the top row that contains only 1 brick. How many bricks are in the 12th row? I don't know if I'm right but I attempted this problem below c =

  18. chemistry

    can you check if i write the reaction right CH3NH2 + HClO4 yields CH3NH3ClO4 then CH3NH3ClO4 yields CH3NH3 + ClO4 then CH3NH3 + H20 yield CH3NH4+ + OH-

  19. math

    the hypotenuse of the right triangle is 20 cm. Determine the perimeter that will make its area minimum?

  20. math

    A circle is inscribed in a square whose perimeter is 40 cm, what is the diameter of the circle?

  21. Life orientation

    What can I do to protect myself from such abuse on social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook

  22. Life Orientation

    Give recent (2019 -2021) examples of how Human trafficking has displayed itself in your community

  23. Life Orientation

    are you aware of human rights violations happening in your community?

  24. Life Orientation

    Give recent (2019-2021) examples of how this problem has displayed itself in your community (human trafficking)

  25. Life orientation

    What can you do to protect yourself from abuse on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook

  26. L.o

    Five INTERVIEW questions of service delivery protest

  27. Life orientation

    Describe two ways in which the law protects citizens against human right violation


    To what extent has the community have or been supporting communities affected by human right violations

  29. chemistry

    Which one of the following pairs has only London dispersion forces as the intermolecular force between them? 1.) H2O; HF 2.)He; He 3.) HCl; HCl 4.) Ne; HCl please help I am so lost

  30. Physics

    Maria throws a ball straight up with an initial velocity of 10 m/s. What is its velocity at the highest point? What is its velocity when it returned to the elevation from where it is thrown ? What is its acceleration at the highest point? What is its

  31. English

    A speech about traditional african marriage is an advantage for men only,not women

  32. life orintation

    TOPIC:campaign with responsibility CRITICAL FOR MARKS (A)introduction (3marks) (B) description of recent service delivery protest (5marks ) (C)research on processes of campaigns and protests (20 marks) (D)evaluation of current protests (20marks) (E)



  34. Chemistry

    Calculate the work done in joules when 1.0 mole of water vaporizes at 1.0 atm and 100C. Assume that the volume of liquid water is negligible compared with that of steam at 100c, and ideal gas behavior

  35. Life orientation

    Evaluate the extent to which the following institution have supported communities affected by human rights violations 1 government 2 community 3 religious organization

  36. Lo

    Draw up any five interview questions and answers of service delivery protest


    #speech. TopIc:afRican slaughter rituals should be allowed in the suburbs?

  38. English

    Prepared speech about this topic Traditional healer should be allowed to practise and prescribe medicine in hospital and clinic. I don't have any working because i hv never done any prepared speech and i don't understand this topic well.

  39. chem

    The concentration (M) of HCl in a solution prepared by dissolving 5.5 g of HCl in 200 g of C2H6O is ?????? M. The density of the solution is 0.79 g/mL. A) 21 B) 0.93 C) 6.0 × 10-4 D) 1.72 E) 0.58

  40. science

    If that a chunk of potassium weighing 7.55 g is dropped into 400.0 g of water at 25.0 0C, what is the final temperature (in 0C) of the water if all the heat released is used to warm the water

  41. Life orientation

    Briefly explain three roles each institution plays in addressing violation of human right

  42. Life orientation

    Name and explain two laws legislation that protect citizens against gender based violence in our country

  43. Life Orientation project for 2021 june term-2

    1.1.1. Define and describe gender-based violence. 1.1.2. Give a brief description from your LOCAL Newspapers of a recent (2019-2021) example of how this problem has displayed itself in your community/town. 1.1.3. State your own position on this specific

  44. Mathematics,goegraphy ,physical sciences ,life sci

    What are the three contributing factors that led to the human rights violation of gender based violance

  45. Life orientation

    Describe Two Ways how social media platforms are abused

  46. Life orientation

    Give a description of a recent (2019 2021) example of how this problem has displayed in your community?

  47. English

    Should traditional healers be allowed to practise and prescribe medicine in hospitals and clini

  48. science

    Plywood is made by gluing together thin layers of wood. Which term best describes plywood? A.composite B.natural C.raw material D.conductor

  49. physics

    vector A has magnitude 8units and makes an agle of45°with the positive x-axis vector B also has the same magnitude of 8units and directed along the negative x-axis determine the magnitude and direction of A+B?

  50. Math

    1. Use formulas to find the lateral area and surface area of the given prism. Round your nearest answer to the nearest whole number. use the large 19x6 m rectangles on the top and bottom as the bases. Left corner is 2m, bottom length is 19m, and right face

  51. English


  52. Physics

    A package is dropped from a helicopter flying at a height of 7.5 m while traveling 15 m/s. How far is the package travel horizontally before it hits the ground below?

  53. Chemistry -pls help urgent

    1) How do I prepare 2M nitric acid from 65% concentrated nitric acid? 2) How do I prepare 17% ammonia from 25% concentrated ammonia? Please show calculation steps. Thanks.

  54. the elements and principles of design

    1. Which one of the following factors is one of the principles of design? A. Form C. Pattern B. Color D. Balance 2. Of the following expressions, which best describes the concept of harmony in a room’s decor? A. A consistency of mood B. Strongly

  55. Biology

    Fossil Record and Embryology Quick Check: Q: Which statement best describes the importance of wisdom teeth to human evolution? A: They are vestigial structures that once performed an important function for human ancestors. Q: Which statement is true? A:

  56. statistics

    Michael is playing tournament chess against a computer program and the probability he wins against the program at any given game is 0.25. Find the probability that on the given day Nigel wins for the first time on the 4th game played.

  57. Chemistry

    The vapor pressure of water at 45.0 °C is 71.93 mmHg. What is the vapor pressure of water over a solution prepared from 75.0 g of citric acid (C6H8O7) in 0.420 kg of water at this temperature?

  58. Physics

    Radioactive Decay Energy Quick Check Polonium has a large, unstable nucleus. Through which process is it most likely to become stable? gamma decay beta-plus decay beta-minus decay alpha decay(✔️) Which type of energy does alpha decay generate?

  59. Science

    Modeling Nuclear Processes Quick Check: Which phrase best describes nuclear fusion? (❌)a series of reactions in which particles from one reaction trigger the next reaction (❌)the spontaneous emission of radiation from an unstable nucleus (✔️)the

  60. Life Orientation

    three roles of media and discuss the negative effect of restricting these roles in a democratic society

  61. L.A

    Which option describes key words that are used to conduct online research?(1 point) search terms effective terms search engines accurate words Which term describes a program that uses key words to search for and identify related information?(1 point)

  62. Lesson 1: Final Exam Physical Education Unit 4: F

    Lesson 1: Final Exam Physical Education Unit 4: Final Exam answers please i need to check mine

  63. Science

    Hey guys, so I have this science assignment due today and I was wondering if someone could help me out. I'm not the greatest at science. Ty! *** - Represents My Answer XXX - Represents Questions I'm Not Sure About and Need Help 1. As people pump water out

  64. MATH

    Lara is 6 yrs. older than Pamela. What are the present ages if in five years the sum of there is 22?

  65. Social Studies

    1. Which branch of the Texas government makes laws? A. Legislative ⬇️ B. Executive C. Financial D. Judicial 2. Which government office is responsible for collecting taxes and monitoring the states finances? A. the Railroad Commission B. Commissioner of

  66. Physics

    A positive charge of 1.0 * 10 ^ (-5) C experiences a force of 0.20 N when located at a certain point.What is the electric field intensity at that point ?

  67. calculus2

    A tank is full of water. Find the work required to pump the water out of the spout. (Use 9.8 m/s^2 for g. Use 1000 kg/m^3 as the density of water. Assume r = 9 m and h = 3 m.) The tank is a spherical shape with r as the radius(9m). On top of the tank is a

  68. Derivative-Optimization Problems

    You plan to enclosed part of a rectangular farmland with a fence. Since one side of it is bounded by a river, you only need to fence the other three sides. if you have enough budget to buy 600m of fencing material, what is the largest area you can enclose?

  69. chemistry

    1. Which example has particles that can be drawn closer to occupy smaller volume? a. fruit juice b. block of wood c. air inside the syringe d. ice cube 2. Which of the following phenomena does NOT involve the application of gas pressure? a. burning fuels

  70. Calculus

    What is the smallest possible slope for a tangent to y=x^3 - 3x^2 + 5x? (I'm unsure how to approach this problem, if you know how to solve it, please explain step by step. THANK YOU!!!)

  71. math

    Allan borrowed $4800 from his father to buy a car. He repaid him after 9 months with interest of 5% per year. Find the total amount he repaid.

  72. English

    1. Which of the following sentences uses capitalization CORRECTLY? (1 point) A.) You can find the complete list of Senators online. B.) Have you ever read The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling? C.)The Maryland Blue Crabs have become a symbol of the state.

  73. Accounting

    The standard costs and actual costs for factory overhead for the manufacture of 2,500 units of actual production are as follows: Standard Costs Fixed overhead (based on 10,000 hours) 3 hours @ $.80 per hour Variable overhead 3 hours @ $2.00 per hour Actual

  74. Math


  75. Definition

    What does residence phone number mean? does it mean like the house number of someone?

  76. chem

    1. what is the quantum numbers of the last electron of Sb?(n= l= ml= ms=) and why the answer are this number? many electrons would be found in the n=6 level if all possible orbitals were completely filled with electrons? how to calculate this one?

  77. Business

    Thomas Kratzer is the purchasing manager for the headquarters of a large insurance company chain with a central inventory operation. Thomas’s fastest moving inventory item has a demand of 6000 units per year. The cost of each unit is $100.00, and the

  78. science

    There are three sources of resistance in a parallel circuit. Two of them are rated at 20 ohms, the other at 10 ohms. What is the circuits total resistance?

  79. statistics

    At Guadalajara Airport, passengers must claim their luggage and then proceed to Customs. In the Customs area, each passenger will press a button that activates a modified stoplight. This light has only red and green bulbs. If the green light shows, the

  80. Chemistry

    Buffers- Common Ion effect IS this Correct Calculate the pH of a aqueous solution containing 0.15 M HNO2 and 0.20 M NaNO2 (aq). The Ka of nitrous acid is 4.0*10^-4. HNO2 + H20 NaNO2- + H30^+ Inital 0.15 0.20 X Final 0.15 0.20 Ka= [H30+][NaNO2]/ [HNO2]

  81. finding numbers

    The sum of two positive numbers is 20. Find the numbers if the sum of their squares is as large as possible; as small as possible. What does it mean? This is from applications of derivatives. How do I solve this. Two numbers, x, and 20-x Sumsquares= x^2 +

  82. Algebra 2

    Algebra 2 Unit 8 lesson 2, semester b exam part 1 (47 questions)

  83. Life orientation

    Give a description of a recent (2019-2021)example of how this problem has displayed itself in your community

  84. Life orientation

    3.1Discuss three contributing factors that led to the human rights GBV

  85. Chemistry

    Alpha Particles Emission Quick Check A process in which a large nucleus splits into two or more parts is called _. A. Radioactive decay B. Nuclear fusion C. Nuclear fission D. Beta decay

  86. Mathematics

    Find the simple interest on a $2,200 loan at 7% interest for 100 days. Use the Banker’s rule, then compare to the amount of interest using a 365-day year

  87. Mathematics

    The number of ways a student can wear his 6 shirts, 4 pants, and 2 pairs of shoes.

  88. Calculus

    A microwaveable cup-of-soup package needs to be constructed in the shape of a cylinder to hold 250 cubic centimeters of soup. The sides and bottom of the container will be made of styrofoam costing 0.03 cents per square centimeter. The top will be made of

  89. social studys

    The western Roman empire finally collapsed due to attacks by the Persians. civil wars between army commanders. attacks by Germanic tribes. conquest by the eastern empire.

  90. Chemistry

    In a third order reaction with two reactants, if you triple the concentration of one of the reactants the rate increases by a factor of 3. What happens to the rate of the reaction if the concentration of the second reactant is halved.

  91. Mathematics

    Determine whether the following relation is a function. {(3,7),(3,8),(3,-2),(3,4),(3,1)} A. It is a function because the ordered pairs all have the same x-value. B. It is not a function because there are multiple y-values paired with a single x-value. C.

  92. Langauge arts

    Choose the correct answer from each list.(1 point) In a research report, sources must provide information that is , or directly related to the research question. Sources must also be ; that is, they must provide accurate and trustworthy information that is

  93. Science

    Question Number 1: Humans have a lot of homologous structures in common with other animals, and several of these structures are no longer in working order in human bodies. These nonfunctioning structures are called vestigial structures. They still show

  94. Science 7B

    Some plants have leaves that are poisonous to some animals. Which kind of adoption is this? Someone please help.

  95. mathematics

    The matrix M = [−3/5 4/5] [4/5 3/5] defines an isometry of the xy-plane. (a)What special properties do the column vectors of this matrix have? (b)Verify that the point (2, 4) remains stationary when M is applied to it. (c)What is the significance of the

  96. mathematics

    What is the 15th term of the linear sequence below? 22 , 18 , 14 , 10 , 6

  97. civics

    its a 31 quiz smh im going to commit di 1 Which court would be the first to decide on cases of treason against the United States? A. state trial court B. state supreme court C. federal district court D. the United States Supreme Court 2 Asha lives in a

  98. calculus

    the base of an isosceles triangle is 8 feet long. if the altitude is 6 feet long and increasing 3 inches per minute, at what rate are the base angles changing? ans. 1/52 rad / min

  99. science

    Which statement describes a design factor that should be included in an energy-efficient home built in cold climates?(1 point)

  100. Mathematics

    solve this question. ( 3 points, P,Q,R are on a horizontal plane. point Q is on a bearing of 120° and a distance of 80m from P. Point R is on a bearing of 045°, and a distance of 150m from point Q. ¡. calculate correct to 2 significant figure the