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  1. math

    An integer is 5 more than another integer. Three times the bigger integer is 11 more than the square of the smaller integer. find the two integers

  2. Chemistry

    A sample of argon gas at STP occupies 56.2 liters. Find the number of moles of argon and the mass in the sample

  3. Science

    In the early 1600's when Galileo used a telescope to study the moon, which features did he observe? A: Nothing but vast, smooth areas B: Wide, dark areas and strange spots and ridges C: A very large crater D: Evidence of other life forms

  4. physics

    A block of mass 2kg is pushed along a table with a constant velocity by a force of 5N.When the push is increased to 9N,what is a)the resultant force b)the acceleration

  5. chemistry

    Consider a system consisting of a cylinder with a movable piston containing 10^6 gas molecules at 298K at a volume of 1L. Consider the following descriptions of this system: 1. Initial system 2. Starting from the initial system, the volume of the container

  6. physics

    70-kg man jumps off a raft 2 meter squared moored in a freshwater lake. By how much does the raft rise?

  7. physics

    In a mall, a shopper rides up an escalator between floors. at the top of the escalator, the shopper turns right and walks 9.00m to store. the magnitude of the shopper's displacement from the bottom of the escalator is 16.0m. the vertical distance between

  8. chemistry

    How many grams of Na2CO3 are present in 18.4 mL of a 34.0% Na2CO3 solution. The density of the solution is 1.10 g/mL.

  9. calculus

    In the early 1960s, radioactive strontium-90 was released during atmospheric testing of nuclear weapons and got into the bones of people alive at the time. If the half-life of strontium-90 is 27 years, what fraction of the strontium-90 absorbed in 1962

  10. science

    1.Which car has the greatest efficiency?(1 point) a 900 kg car that travels 15 km per liter of fuel a 900 kg car that travels 20 km per liter of fuel a 1,200 kg car that travels 15 km per liter of fuel a 1,200 kg car that travels 20 km per liter of fuel

  11. Math

    A sports field has a shape that consists of semi circle and a rectangle as shown on the diagram on the right. The width of the field is 20m and its longest lengths measures 40 m. Find the area and the perimeter of the field.

  12. Math

    PQR ~ STU. PQ = 12cm and ST = 9cm. The area of STU is 72 cm². Find the area of PQR.

  13. chemistry

    In the following experiment, a coffee-cup calorimeter containing 100 mL of H2O is used. The initial temperature of the calorimeter is 23 degrees Celsius. If 4.00 g of CaCl2 is added to the calorimeter, what will be the final temperature of the solution in

  14. Essay

    Essay: How I surprised my friend on her birthday part. A birthday party is the one day a year, which is very special and unique to everyone in their life. It is a day that should be celebrated with lots of joys and some surprises. Basically, I thought I

  15. chemistry

    Balance the following redox reaction occurring in acidic solution Cu(s) + NO3-(aq)--> Cu2+(aq) +NO2(g) This is what I have done so far Cu-->Cu2+ + 2e- 2H + NO-3 --> NO2 + H2O Need help please

  16. Math

    In your​ class, you have scores of 73,85,76, and 92 on the first four of five tests. To get a grade of Upper C, the average of the first five tests scores must be greater than or equal to 70 and less than 80. a) Solve an inequality to find the least

  17. Calc ii

    Let f be twice differentiable with (f(0)=4), (f(1)=8), and (f'(1)=6). Evaluate the integral from 0 to 1 of xf''(x)dx\). I have no clue how to approach this since we don't know what the function is? please help, I've finished every other question and the

  18. chemistry

    Suppose you are asked to find the area of a rectangle that is 2.1-cm \rm cm wide by 5.6-cm \rm cm long. Your calculator answer would be 11.76 cm 2 \rm cm^2 . Now suppose you are asked to enter the answer to two significant figures. (Note that if you do not

  19. English

    The two pickpockets: There was once a young man who was the best pickpocket around. So he decided to try his luck in the big city.(London, Dublin etc.) On his first day there the picking were lush, he cut a purse here, picked a pocket there--But when he

  20. Elementary Math

    The number of days in the month of July 2) A) Constant B) Variable Is it A.

  21. Science

    Biology A Semester Exam 1.Nucleotides contain sugar, a phosphate group, and a nitrogen base. Which of the following is a nitrogen base? -guanine 2.The following list includes several examples of chemical groups commonly found in biomolecules: - 2 and 3

  22. A person uses a screwdriver as a lever to open a c

    here are the answers for conexus students: 1) Which example represents a class 2 lever? answer to 1)= a car door being opened and shut. 2)Which statement best describes energy? answer to 2)= Energy is the ability to do work. 3)Which statement best

  23. English

    Write a debate on the topic peer pressure destroys character

  24. Chemistry

    In Part C, you determined that the proper ratio of packages of buns, packages of patties, and jars of pickles is 3:2:4. If you want to feed at least 540 people, but also maintain the proper ratio, what minimum number of packages of buns, packages of

  25. Math

    1. Classify the triangle according to side length and angle measurement 2. Classify the triangle according to side length and angle 3. Classify the triangle with side lengths 4,4, and 4 4. Classify the triangle with the measuring 69,42, and 68, 5.

  26. High school Chemistry

    Choose the correct names of the atoms or molecules. Check all that apply Silicium Carbon monoxide Mercurium Hydrogen chloride Iron Boron monoxide Fluorine Sodium trichloride Molybdenum

  27. PE

    Which of the following is the correct order from most complex to simplest for the levels of organization in the human body? A. cells, organs, organ systems, tissues B. organ systems, organs, tissues, cells C. organ systems, tissues, organs, cells D. cells,

  28. Math

    If a and b are positive numbers, find the maximum value of f(x)=x^a(1−x)^b, 0≤x≤1 Your answer may depend on a and b.

  29. Chemistry

    How much work must be done on a system to decrease its volume from 14.0 L to 5.0 L by exerting a constant pressure of 4.0 atm?

  30. The Binding Energy of Electrons?

    An X-ray photon of wavelength 0.954 nm strikes a surface. The emitted electron has a kinetic energy of 935 eV. What is the binding energy of the electron in kJ/mol? [KE =1/2 mv^2; 1 electron volt (eV) = 1.602 x 10^- 19 J]

  31. English

    Why don’t the narrator and the other man want to hold Edward for ransom? Is their motivation internal or external? in “I, Too, Sing America”

  32. PHYSICS!!

    An amusement park ride consists of a rotating circular platform 8.26 m in diameter from which 10 kg seats are suspended at the end of 1.14 m massless chains. When the system rotates, the chains make an angle of 16.2 degrees with the vertical. The

  33. connexus chemistry

    Which statement about the temperatures of phase changes and electrostatic forces holding the molecules is correct?(1 point) The strength of the forces between molecules in a substance is strongest at higher temperatures The strength of the forces between

  34. Biology (Answers)

    Biology Unit 8 Lesson 11 (Answers) 1. What is the term used to describe homologous chromosomes exchanging genetic material during meiosis? Answer - Crossing-over 2. When scientists analyzed the variations of color expressed in monkey flowers, what did they

  35. Math

    A factory is to pack pencils in boxes of 8 and 10 pieces. What is the smallest number of pencils that can be packed using the boxes.*

  36. science

    A ringing alarm clock is put under a glass jar. The air is slowly removed from the space around it. What will happen as the air is removed? The clock will slowly become quieter and will ultimately fade from view. The appearance of the clock will not

  37. Chemistry

    Write the net ionic equation for MgCO3 + H2SO4

  38. Math

    The ground distance beetwen two places are 100km .if the distance is represented by 5cm on a map.what is the scale of the map?

  39. math

    3.the total amount Jurene paid for 5 kilos of rice and 2 kilos of fish is less than php 600 a.what mathematical statement represents the total amount Jurene paid?Define the variables used. b.suppose a kilo of rice costs php 35.what could be the greatest

  40. Economics

    The mean marks obtained in an examination by a group of 100 students were found to be 49.46 the mean marks obtained in same examination by a group of 200 students were 52.32 find out mean of marks obtained by both the groups together

  41. Math

    Two Consecutive even numbers are such that half of the larger number exceeds one-forth of the smaller number by 5.then the larger number is ?? 1)16 2)18 3)32 4)34

  42. social studies

    1. The Kansas Nebraska act continued ideas of which of the following 1. Missouri compromise 2. compromise of 1850 3. free soil party 4. Dred Scott v Sanford

  43. Math

    In a certain culture of bacteria, the rate of increase is proportional to the number present. If there are 10000 at the end of 3hours and 40000 at the end of 5hours,how many were there in yhe beginning?

  44. Math (Statistics)

    jean has an IQ that corresponds to 81% percentile rank. if there are 21 girls in the group, how many of them have an higher IQ than Jean? thanks...:)

  45. math

    A town has a population of 2000 people at time t = 0. In each of the following cases, write a formula for the population, P, of the town as a function of year t. (a) The population increases by 60 people per year. I thought it would be P= 2000 (1.03)^t (b)

  46. chem

    How many chloride ions are present in 65.5 mL of 0.210 M AlCl3 solution

  47. Chemistry

    For another picnic, you want to make hamburgers with pickles, again without having any left over. You need to balance the number of packages of buns (which usually contain 8 buns) with the number of packages of hamburger patties (which usually contain 12

  48. algebra 2

    Graph the system of constraints and find the value of x and y that maximize the objective function. Constraints {x >= 0 y >= 0 y

  49. real analysis

    definiton: A set S subsect of real number, sequence {Xn} is called bounded if there is a number M such that |X|≤ M for all x ∈ S prove the sequence (-8+(n/(n+1))) is bounded. my anwser proof: Let Xn = (-8+(n/(n+1))) there exist M in real number such

  50. physics

    1. A light ray strikes a mirror at an angle of 42° from the surface of the mirror. What angle does the reflected ray make with the normal Ans. 42° 2. A ray of light hits a mirror at 27° from the normal. What is the angle between the reflected ray and

  51. college physics 2

    A double-slit diffraction pattern is formed on a distant screen. If the separation between the slits decreases, what happens to the distance between interference fringes? Assume the angles involved remain small. A double-slit diffraction pattern is formed

  52. finance

    The Corner Grocer has a 7-year, 6 percent annual coupon bond outstanding with a $1,000 par value. The bond has a yield to maturity of 5.5 percent. Which one of the following statements is correct if the market yield suddenly increases to 6.5 percent? The

  53. math

    Ginny Jones receives $650 gross salary biweekly. Her income tax rate is 15%. Her group health plan contribution is $24.50 per pay period. She belongs to the company retirement plan, to which she contributes 6.5% of her earnings. She is also covered under

  54. Geometry

    Angle E and angle F are supplementary. The measure of angle E is 54 more than the measure of angle F. What is the measure of each angle?

  55. Chemistry

    For another picnic you want to make hamburgers with pickles, again without having any left over. You need to balance the number of packages of buns (which usually contain 8 buns) with the number of packages of hamburger patties (which usually contain 12

  56. math

    If a car is speeding down a road at 40 (mph), how long is the stopping distance compared to the stopping distance if the driver were going at the posted speed limit of 25 ? Express your answer as a multiple of the stopping distance at 25

  57. Physics

    A 3.00-liter aluminum cylinder at 5.00°C is filled to the brim with gasoline at the same temperature. If the aluminum and gasoline are warmed to 52.0°C, how much gasoline spills out? [Hint: Be sure to account for the expansion of the container. Also,

  58. physics

    a ball is thrown at an initial angle of 37 and initail velocity of 23.0 m/s reaches a maximum height h, as shwon in the Figure. With what initial speed must a ball be thrown straight up to reach the same maximum height h?

  59. Calculas

    In the early 1960s, radioactive strontium-90 was released during atmospheric testing of nuclear weapons and got into the bones of people alive at the time. If the half-life of strontium-90 is 32 years, what fraction of the strontium-90 absorbed in 1965

  60. Physics

    How many atoms of hydrogen are in 220g of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2)? the molecular weight of H2O2 = 2*1 +2*16 =34 therefore, there are 220/34 moles of the molecule = 6.47 moles, so there are 6.47xAvogadro's number of molecules there are 2 H atoms per

  61. math

    how do you write sixty-two and thirty-eight thousandths as a decimal in standard form

  62. calculus

    The radius of a circle is increasing at a nonzero rate, and at a certain instant, the rate of increase in the area of the circle is numerically equal to the increase in its circumstance. At this instant, the radius of the cirle is... Here is what I did:

  63. Calculus 2

    Use the Midpoint Rule with n = 4 to approximate the area of the region bounded by the graph of the function and the x-axis over the given interval. (Round your answer to three decimal places.) f(x) = 4 tan x, [0, 𝜋/3] PLEASE HELP ASAP

  64. Sciece

    Which of the following has the most kinetic energy ? a car traveling at 20 km/h a tractor traveling at 20 km/h bicycle traveling at 20 km/h motorcycle traveling at 20 km/h

  65. Science/Properties of wave QuickCheck

    1. (What does the value 0.5 cm represent for the wave?) 1. Answer; amplitude 2. (Two students hold the ends of a jump rope. One student moves the jump rope up and down, making a wave. Then, the student moves it faster. Which quantity of the wave will

  66. pls help

    Researchers determine the population of phytoplankton in an area of the ocean is significantly decreased compared to the previous year. What can they conclude from this observation?

  67. science

    connexus students: 1. Pure water and pure salt are poor conductors of electricity. When salt is dissolved in water, the resulting solution conducts electricity well. Which statement explains why this occurs with these substances? a: The process of

  68. Mathematics

    You deposit $300 each month into an account earning 7% interest compounded monthly. How much will you have in the account in 15 years? How much total money will you put into the account? How much total interest will earn?

  69. science

    answers for the Efficiency of Machines Quick Check

  70. Physics

    Gold, which has a density of 19.32 g/cm3, is the most ductile metal and can be pressed into a thin leaf or drawn out into a long fiber. (a) If a sample of gold, with a mass of 49.73 g, is pressed into a leaf of 2.700 𝜇m thickness, what is the area of

  71. Science

    Which property is unique to electromagnetic waves?(1 point) They can be controlled by the pull of gravity. They can shake structures on Earth. They can travel on the surface of water. They can travel in a vacuum. Which statement correctly describes a

  72. ELA *help please*

    Which of the following is the purpose of a deadline?(1 point) A. to assign everyone an active role B. to set a clear purpose for the discussion C. to keep the group on task D. to maintain a respectful conversation Im stuck between B and C- those are the

  73. Science

    1. Select the statement that is true.(1 point) Sexual reproduction produces more offspring than asexual reproduction. Asexual reproduction is a simpler process than sexual reproduction. Sexual reproduction requires a single parent. Asexual reproduction

  74. physics

    in air an object weighs 15N when immersed in water it weighs 12N when immersed in another liquid weighs 13N. Determine the density of the object and that of the other liqui

  75. Physics

    You weigh 710 N. What would you weigh if the Earth were seven times as massive as it is and its radius were six times its present value? Answer in units of N.

  76. Chemistry

    Suppose you are asked to find the area of a rectangle that is 2.1-cm wide by 5.6-cm long. Your calculator answer would be 11.76 cm2. Now suppose you are asked to enter the answer to two significant figures. (Note that if you do not round your answer to two

  77. Math/Physics

    Find the magnitude of the resultant force and the angle it makes with the positive x-axis. (Let |a| = 30 lb and |b| = 16 lb. Round your answers to one decimal place.) lal point upward as a 45 degree angle on the first quadrant lbl point downward as a 30

  78. math

    Write an expression describing all the angles that are coterminal with 127 °. (Please use the variable k in your answer)


    In traveling across flat land, you notice a mountain directly in front of you. Its angle of elevation (to the peak) is 3.5°. After you drive x = 9 miles closer to the mountain, the angle of elevation is 9°. Approximate the height of the mountain. (Round

  80. physics

    On the way to the moon, the Apollo astronauts reach a point where the Moon’s gravitational pull is stronger than that of Earth’s. Find the distance of this point from the center of the Earth. The masses of the Earth and the Moon are 5.98 × 1024 kg and

  81. English

    The children were ________ excited when they heard they made the team; they jumped up and down ________. a) real/noisy b) really/noisy c) real/noisily d) really/noisily Answer D

  82. Math

    How do you write 24% as a decimal? 2.4 0.24*** 0.024 How do you write 135% as a decimal? 1.35*** 13.5 0.135 How do you write 4% as a decimal? 0.4*** 0.40 0.04 Which fraction is equivalent to 72%? (No answer, not sure on this one.) 16/25 18/25 19/25 Which

  83. math

    what is a example of how prime factorization could be used in the real world

  84. English

    Identify the subject and complete verb in each of the following sentences. 1. Please go to the store and buy some milk for the baby. A. you; go/store B. you; go/buy C. store; go/buy D. milk; go/buy I think that it's D (milk is the subject and go/buy is the

  85. Physics

    A weightlifter raises a 200 kg barbell over his head from the floor a displacement of 2m in 2.2 seconds. What is the average power he develops during the lift?

  86. physics

    A 3.1 kg block initially at rest is pulled to the right along a horizontal frictionless surface by a constant horizontal force of 16.6 N. Find the speed after it has moved 3.8m.

  87. Math

    Three angles of a quadrilateral are in the ratio 1:2:3. The sum of the least and the greatest of these angles is 200°. Find all the four angles of the quadrilateral.

  88. math

    Five added to twice a number gives 35. Find the number

  89. math

    The roof of a home rises vertically a distance of 8 ft through a horizontal distance of 12 ft. Find the pitch (slope) of the roof plz help ASAP

  90. Physics (light)

    A soap film is viewed in white light. If the film is much thinner than the wavelength of blue light, what is the appearance of the film? The soap film appears totally transparent because it reflects no visible light. The soap film appears blue because all

  91. chemistry

    the reaction A+3B—>2C+D is first order with respect to reactant A and second order with respect to reactant B if the concentration of A is doubled and the concentration of B is halved the rate of the reaction would---------------by a factor of-----------

  92. Chemistry

    When an aqueous solution of sodium hydroxide, NaOH, is added to an aqueous solution of chromium(III) nitrate, Cr(NO3)3, a precipitate of chromium(III) hydroxide, Cr(OH)3, forms. Write a balanced net ionic equation for this reaction.

  93. Math

    1. The figure below is a parallelogram. Which statement must be true? A. DF is parallel to DE. B. DF is parallel to EG.** C. FG is parallel to EG. D. FG is parallel to DF Check?

  94. Economics

    Which of the following is not a factor of production? A. Land B. Capital C. Labor D. Goods and Services D?

  95. English

    1.) In the Odyssey, Part 2 Odysseus went to Circe, from _____ he was promised his freedom. a.) Who b.) Whom c.) Whose b? None of them sound right.

  96. Economics Macro

    Suppose that real GDP per capita in the United States is $49,000. If the long-term growth rate of real GDP per capita is 1.6% per year, how many years will it take for real GDP per capita to reach $98,000?

  97. Calculus

    The table below shows some values of a linear function f and an exponential function g. Fill in exact values for each of the missing entries. X 0 1 2 3 4 f(x) 25 375 g(x) 25 375

  98. Geometry

    A(-3,3) ---> A' is a glide reflection where the translation is (x,y) (x+5,y), and the line of reflection is y=1. What are the coordinates of A'? (2,-3) (-3,5) (5,1) (2,5) ---> is an arrow. I am not good on glide reflections and I'm very stuck on this one:(

  99. Math

    The temperature on a cold December morning dropped from 37 degrees to -4 degrees. How many degrees did the temperature fall?

  100. Geo, Math lit, Life science, history

    Which career will I be able to do if I study Geography, Mathematical literacy, Life sciences, History, English, setswana and life orientation