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  1. Life orientation

    Briefly explain one merit and one demerit of the fees must fall campaign in student fees in most higher education institutions

  2. life orientation

    two ways in which media could ensure access of information to all communities

  3. Life orientation

    Give recent 2019-2021 examples of how this problem has displayed itself in your community

  4. Life orientation

    3 ways how social media platforms are abused

  5. Life orientation

    Give recent 2019 to 2021 examples of how this problem of gender based violence has displayed itself in communities

  6. life orintation

    examples of how school violence has displayed itsself in community

  7. Life orientation

    Describe two ways in which the law protects citizens against human right violation

  8. Maths Lit, Accounting, Economics, Business Studies

    I am a grade 10 learner doing Maths Literacy, Accounting, Business Studies, Economics, Life Orientation, English and Afrikaans I want to know what Degree I can study in University and also to check what career path I would be able to do.

  9. English

    As the senior prefect of your school, you have been invited to tell the parent teacher association what your school need most.write your speech.

  10. Life Orientation

    what role and responsibilities does the media have in reporting human rights violations in a responsible manner in a democratic society?

  11. Language Arts

    1) Select the correct answer from the list.(1 point) Evidence must be ____and_____ for it to be considered effective in supporting a claim. 2)Evidence is relevant if it(1 point) 3)Which of the following describes a claim?(1 point) The answer

  12. Earth Science

    1. Which of the following layers is farthest from Earth's center? a. outer core b. mesosphere c. asthenosphere d. lithosphere 2. How do seismic waves help scientists understand Earth's layers? Select the two correct answers. a. Scientists can observe how

  13. Life Orientation

    What role do the media have in reporting human rights violations in a responsible manner?

  14. English

    1. Imagine you are writing a research paper on social networking sites. Which of the following thesis statements would be the most effective? A. Social networking sites have become incredibly popular in recent years and have millions of members. Many of

  15. Chemistry

    Calculate the value of Kp for the equation C(s)+CO2(g)2CO(g) Kp=? given that at a certain temperature C(s)+2H2O(g)CO2(g)+2H2(g) Kp1=3.33 H2(g)+CO2(g)H2O(g)+CO(g) Kp2=.733 Please show detailed steps.

  16. Life orientation

    Explain one merit and one demerit of the fees must fall campaign in student fees in most higher education institutions

  17. Life orientation

    Give a description of a recent (2020-2022)example of how gender based violence has displayed itself in the community

  18. Life orientation

    Evaluate to what extent the following institutions have supported communities affected by gender based violence.. Government, community, religious organization

  19. ela

    Which of the following defines valid reasoning? reasoning that reflects strong emotion reasoning that someone has used before reasoning that is well-founded reasoning that persuades the audience Which of the following describes a claim? a disappointing

  20. Life orientation

    What can you do to protect yourself from abuse on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook

  21. Life orientation

    Give a description of a recent (2019-2021)example of how this problem has displayed itself in your community

  22. Biology B Semester Exam

    What is a benefit of using a model? (Answer) provides a visual guide for abstract concepts Which term is used to describe a two-phase anabolic pathway in which light energy is converted into chemical energy? (Answer) photosynthesis Prokaryotic cells that

  23. Chemistry

    Does anyone have the answers for Chemistry B Semester Exam? =)

  24. Algebra

    A quadrilateral has vertices at A(-5,5), B(1,8), C(4,2), and D(-2,-2). Use slope to determine if the quadrilateral is a rectangle. Show your work

  25. Life orientation

    Describe two ways how social media platform are abused

  26. Life orientation

    Evaluate three positions when dealing with gender-based violence human rights violation taking into account the Bill of rights

  27. SS

    How did the the Khmer civilization shape culture in Southeast Asia? Select the two correct answers. A. innovated a feudal system based on the loyalty of samurai warriors B. developed writing systems that spread throughout Asia C. used irrigation canals and

  28. Algebra

    In high-school 135 freshmen were interviewed. Thirty five of them took PE, 42 took BIO, 60 took ENG, 10 took PE and BIO, 15 took PE and ENG, 7 took BIO and ENG, 5 took all three subjects. 1. How many students took none of the three subjects? 2. How many

  29. Physics

    The electrons that produce the picture in a TV set are accelerated by a very large electric force as they pass through a small region in the neck of the picture tube. This region is 1.6 cm in length, and the electrons enter with a speed of 1 × 105 m/s and

  30. English

    What image of Walt Whitman's "I Hear America Singing" is mostly conveyed through the repetition of the word singing? A. American laborers are all united in one song. B. American laborers are all different and sing their own individual song. C. American

  31. Math

    Ty received test grades of 73%,82%,73%,77%, and 77%. a) what grade would he need to make on the sixth test to get a "C" if a "C" is at least 75% but less than 80%? b) Is it possible for Ty to get a B or better for his test average (at least 80%)? ANSWERS:

  32. Math

    1. Use formulas to find the lateral area and surface area of the given prism. Round your nearest answer to the nearest whole number. use the large 19x6 m rectangles on the top and bottom as the bases. Left corner is 2m, bottom length is 19m, and right face

  33. English (please check someone)

    Please check this. Thanks! 1. Which of the following should be put in italics to correct the following sentence? Other famous vehicles that suffered a tragic end include the zeppelin Hindenburg and the ocean liner Lusitania. (1 point) Hindenburg and

  34. Pre Algebra

    Which polynomial does the model represent? –x³ + 2x² – 3x + 2 x² + x – 2 –x² – x + 2***** –x² + x – 2 Can someone please help me @Ms.Sue @Reed @WriteTeacher

  35. alegabra

    a company making rectangular fish tanks is restricting the sum of their total dimensions to 52 inches.for one group of designs.the length and width will be the same.which of the following functions represents the volume in terms of the width?

  36. Mathematics of INVESTMENT

    Q: Ms. Parker deposits $8000 in one simple interest account and $2000 in a second simple interest account. The interest rate on the $8000 account is 2% more than the rate on the $2000 account. If the total yearly amount of interest earned on the $8000

  37. life orienation

    draw up any five interview question you will to evaluate the understanding of service delivery protest by the learners in school?

  38. math

    1. Shawn Fitzgerald finds a suitable property and agrees upon a selling price of $137,900. The mortgage company requires a 20% down payment and Shawn chooses to finance the property for 30 years at 8%. What is the total amount of interest charged, rounded

  39. Algebra 2

    How can you write the expression with a rationalized denominator? 3 sqrt 3 / 3 sqrt 4

  40. Math: Please help

    1. What is the simplified form of squared root 140? A.) 4 to the square root of 35 B.) 10 to the square root of 14 C.) 2 to the square root of 70 D.) 2 to the square root of 35 Please show me how to do this Thank You

  41. physics

    On the Apollo 14 mission to the moon, astronaut Alan Shepard hit a golf ball with a golf club improvised from a tool. The free-fall acceleration on the moon is 1/6 of its value on earth. Suppose he hits the ball with a speed of 25 m/s at an angle of 28°

  42. Chemistry

    What is the pH of the solution obtained when 125 mL of 0.614M NaOH is diluted to 16.0 L with water?

  43. Alg2/Trig

    Find the exact value of the trigonometric function given that sin u = 5/13 and cos v = -3/5. (Both u and v are in Quadrant II.) Find csc(u-v). First of all, I drew the triangles of u and v. Also, I know the formula of sin(u-v) is sin u * cos v - cos u *

  44. math

    to play a carnival game you have 2 spinners like this. if the pointers land on a star and a happy face in the same turn, you'll win a prize. what is the probability that you'll win a prize? One of the spinner has: 2 moons, 2 hearts, 2 clovers, 2 stars

  45. Life orientation

    Give recent (2020-2022) examples of how this problem Gender based violence has displayed itself in the community

  46. English

    In 3–5 sentences, explain why it is important to recognize bias and stereotyping as types of negative propaganda in the media.(4 points)

  47. ENGLISH 11

    Please help Thank you. Match the word with the correct definition. Use the word box below A.Ethnicists B.Irrevocable C.Quintessential D.Enlightened E.Dissuade F.Insidious 1.Characteristic;typical 2.Harmful in a way that may be hard to detect. 3.Those in

  48. L.o

    Evaluation to what extent the following institution have or currently supporting communities affected by gender based violence example by Government

  49. life orientation

    how can campaigns and events support victims or human violations

  50. Evidence of Evolution Quick Check

    Which statement is true? (1 point) A. Fossils cannot provide information about life cycles and behaviors. B. Fossils cannot provide information about relatedness of life forms. C. Fossils can provide information about when life forms existed D. Fossils can

  51. Life orientation

    Briefly explain three roles each institution plays in addressing violation of human right

  52. life Orientation

    To what extent does the community have or are supporting communities affected from gbv

  53. Life orientation

    What can you do to protect yourself from abuse on social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook

  54. Economics

    1. Which of the following is an example of foreign portfolio investment? A business owner in the United Kingdom purchases a United States business. An investor in the United Kingdom purchases stock issued by a United States corporation.

  55. Life Orientation

    Give recent (2019-2021) examples of how this problem has displayed itself in community

  56. Life Orientation

    Give recent (2019-2021) examples of how this problem has displayed itself in your community (human trafficking)

  57. Science

    Birds are uniquely classified from other organisms because they all(1 point) 1. lay eggs. 2. have feathers. 3. have wings. 4. eat seeds. I need answers ASAP. Thx

  58. biology

    does anyone have the Natural Selection Unit Test answers? i'm on my knees please

  59. Biology

    Fossil Record and Embryology Quick Check: Q: Which statement best describes the importance of wisdom teeth to human evolution? A: They are vestigial structures that once performed an important function for human ancestors. Q: Which statement is true? A:

  60. Chemistry

    Which phrase describes a dipole moment? (1 point) the separation of positive and negative charges the vibration of a molecule the imbalance of positive and negative charges the releasing of energy from a molecule Which statement best summarizes the

  61. Biological Evolution Evidence Quick Check

    (QUESTION 1) Flowering plants have common ancestors with other plants and plant-like organisms. The table below shows the last common ancestor shared between flowering plants and two other types of organisms. A scientist compares the amino acid sequences

  62. Chemistry

    Use the periodic table and example bond table to answer the question. Example Bond Energies of Ionic Compounds: Li-F = 1036 kJ/mol Li-Br = 807 kJ/mol Na-F = 923 kJ/mol Na-Br = 747 kJ/mol Given the general trend with bond energies, which compounds would

  63. macroecon

    As we grow up, we are told about the virtues of thrift. Those who spend all their income are condemned to end up poor. Those who save are promised a happy life. Does the IS model support these predictions? Discuss.

  64. econ

    A country has a population of 20,000 people and a GDP of 50 million dollars. What is the per capita GDP of the country? a.) 2.5 million dollars b.) 250 dollars c.) 2,500 dollars d.) 100 million dollars

  65. English

    As the entertainment prefect write a speech to be delivered at a parent teacher association on the topic the need to raise money for entertainment activities

  66. English

    As the school prefect write a speech to be delivered at a PTA meeting on the topic falling standard of discipline in the school

  67. English

    What are two Merits of Fees Must Fall Campaign in students fees in most higher education institutions?

  68. Life orientation

    Describe Two Ways how social media platforms are abused

  69. further maths

    find T 8 T9 T10 for each of the following a) 5,8,11,14,... b) 3,5,7,9,... c) -1,2,5,8... d) 4,-1,-6,-11,... e)2,31\2 ,5,61\2

  70. Science

    Which of these statements about DNA is true? A.All animals have DNA. B.DNA is a protein. C.DNA is to similar to use for grouping organisms. D.Proteins signal the cells to make DNA.

  71. Maths

    A hunter walks 400m Up a hill which slopes at an angle of 20 to the horizontal. Calculate,correct to the nearest metre, the: a. horizontal distance he covered b.vertical height through which he rises.

  72. Math Help

    The restaurant in the Space Needle in Seattle rotates at the rate of one revolution per hour. (a) Through how many radians does it turn in 100 minutes? (b) How long does it take the restaurant to rotate through 4 radians? (c) How far does a person sitting

  73. science

    You and your Canadian pen pal enjoy talking about nature together. While your friend describes some birds that she saw today, you realize that one of the birds she described sounds like one you have seen in your home state of Indiana. You remember that all

  74. Language Arts

    AJ's campaign team wants to use mass media to inform as many citizens as possible about his political stance. Which mass media type would reach the most people? A blog post because the reader can save the information for later. A Pamphelt because the

  75. Science Common Characteristics

    Moss is classified as a.... 1. Seed Plant 2.Seedless Plant 3. Vascular Plant 4. Nonvascular Plant Bacteria and humans are similar in that they.... 1. are unicellular 2. produce energy 3. grow and reproduce 4. are multicellular ________ is generic term for

  76. Trig

    The polygons are regular polygons. Find the area of the shaded region to the nearest tenth (An image bellow of a white box inside a shaded box. The white box has a line from the center to the corner labeled 4cm. The shaded box has the same thing but it's

  77. History

    In 3 to 5 sentences evaluate the factors that shape the US foreign policy in the Middle East during George HW Bush's administration and whether you agree with Bush's approach choose one to two examples to support your response

  78. mathematics

    two similar solids have surface areas 48cm^2 and 108cm^2 respectively. find the volume of the smaller solid if the bigger one has a volume of 162cm^3.

  79. Science, please check answer

    Vertebrate embryos(1 point) go through the same developmental stages at the same rate. develop the same structures at different rates. go through the same developmental stages at different rates.****** develop different structures at the same rate. 2.

  80. Precalculus

    Write an equation for the quadratic graphed below x-intercepts: (-2,0) and (1,0). y-intercept: (0,-2)

  81. science

    Use the table of information about four electromagnets to answer the question. Electromagnet Current Intensity Number of Turns in the Wire W medium 10 X low 10 Y medium 50 Z low 50 Which electromagnet will produce the strongest magnetic force? (1 point)

  82. Chemistry

    Describe the preparation of 5 liters of a 0.3 M acetate buffer, pH 4.47, starting from a 2M solution of acetic acid and a 2.5M solution of KOH. The pka of the acetic buffer is 4.77

  83. Help me with science please

    In which case would the kinetic energy of particles be increasing? (1 point) Metal is melted at 1,300°C. Metal is at room temperature, 37°C. Metal is heated from room temperature to 200°C. Metal is cooled at 1,300°C.

  84. Math

    Translate this phrase into an algebraic expression. Eight more than the product of 12 and Greg's age Use the variable to represent Greg's age.

  85. science

    What are the units on both sides of the equation: v2 = 2ax? The answer is m^2/s^2, but I wanted an explanation for why that is answer

  86. Life orientation

    Evaluate to what extent the following institution have supported communities affected by poor service delivery. Use an example for each to support your answer Nongovernmental organization Community and religious organizations

  87. Science

    Hi! This is mainly for Ms Sue but i'd like anyone to check my answers. This is the Science Organelles Quick Check. 1. What helps the plasma membrane function? channels and chain-like structures pumps and gelatin-like material nuclei and endoplasmic

  88. Mathematics

    Ty recieved test grades of 74%, 76%, 76%, 74%, and 82%. What grade would he need to make on the sixth test to get a C if a C is at least 75% but less than 80% ? is it possible for Ty to get an A for his test average (at least 90%)?

  89. mathematics

    (-6x)(½y)(-⅓z) what is the product?

  90. Biology

    Draw the map of Nigeria showing the local biotic communities in Nigeri

  91. Algebra

    Is the relationship between the variables inthe table a direct variation, an inverse variation, both, or neither? If it is a direct or inverse variation write a function to model it x: 2, 5, 12, 20 y: 30, 12, 5, 3 A. Direct variation: y = 15x B. Inverse

  92. Social studies

    What kind of arrangement is agreed to in this contract? Sharecropping Black codes Grandfather clause Ten percent plan

  93. precalculus

    Lukalu is rappelling off a cliff. The parametric equations that describe her horizontal and vertical position as a function of time are x(t)=8t and y(t) = -16t^2+100 and . How long does it take her to reach the ground? How far away from the cliff is she

  94. science

    A radio wave travels through space with a frequency of 2 x 104 Hz. If the speed of the radio wave is 3 x 108 m/s, what is the wavelength of this wave? A. 6.7 x 10-4 m B. 6 x 1012 m C. 1 x 104 m D. 1.5 x 104 m

  95. History

    What were the main concerns of Jerry Falwell and his followers in the Moral Majority? pls I need them fast the quiz is clintons legacy

  96. Math

    2. Barry asked 40 random students at his school to name their favorite ice cream flavor. Of the 40 students he asked, 25 of them preferred chocolate. Based on Barry's results, how many of the 1,200 students in the school most likely prefer chocolate ice

  97. Science

    1. Which do scientists study to determine air temperature at the time it was formed? Select the two correct answers. (1 point) (Box) Fossilized pollen (Box) air bubbles trapped in ice (Box) tree rings (Box) chemical isotopes in foraminifera shells 2, What

  98. Mathematics

    1. A boy moves from a point X and walks 285m to Y on a bearing of 078° . He then moves due south to a point Z, which is 307m from X. Calculate: a) the bearing of X from Z b) the distance between YZ

  99. Math

    At a movie theater, child admission is $5.80 and adult admission is $$9.70. On Monday, three times as many adult tickets as child tickets were sold, for a total sale of $732.90. How many child tickets were sold that day?

  100. history

    What claim does Franklin D. Roosevelt make in his Inaugural Address? A. The country will rise above its current difficulties. B. The nation will prosper through effective leadership. C. National progress will be halted by citizens' fear. D. Unemployment