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MITx 2.091x
Can anyone help me on this question:

HW9_3: Design against buckling in a SD truss

We are considering again the truss in the figure, from homework problem HW4_2. The truss is loaded at joint C as indicated, and we had determined the axial forces in each of the bars using the method of joints.

From the solution to HW4_2, we had obtained:


Now you can take the magnitude of the applied load to be W=2 kN and the length L=4 m . Assume that the bars of the truss have a circular cross section and are made of steel, with a Young's modulus E=210 GPa and a failure strength (in tension and compression)
σ(f)=250 MPa

(24 points possible)

If you want a safety factor, SF=4 against both failure of the material, due to stresses that exceed its
failure strength, and collapse of the truss due to buckling of bars under compressive loading, obtain the numeric values, in mm, of the minimum radius of each of the bars of the truss.

r(AB) = not answered (in mm)
r(BC)= not answered (in mm)
r(BD) = not answered (in mm)
r(BE) = not answered (in mm)
r(CD) = not answered (in mm)
r(ED) = not answered (in mm)

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