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Question 5 of 10 A z-score of 2.0 is two standard deviations above the mean of the distribution (t).
I chose answer A

The z scores is a ratio of difference to variability (t).
I chose False

Question 6 of 10 What’s the probability that an individual, selected at random, will score below the mean on any normally distributed characteristic? (Points : 1)
p = 0
p = .1
p = .5
p = 1.0
I chose p=0

A statistically significant outcome in a z-test indicates which of the following? (Points : 1)
The sample is not characteristic of the population.
The sample could not have been randomly selected.
The sample is characteristic of the population.
The sample represents other samples in the original population.

I chose the last one
Question 8 of 10 A distribution where the mean and standard deviation have pre-determined values calls for ________. (Points : 1)
raw scores
z scores
modified standard scores
percentile rankings

I chose modified standard scores

Question 9 of 10 Which is true of a one-tailed test? (Points : 1)
The alternate hypothesis specifies the direction of difference.
The null hypothesis specifies the direction of difference.
There is no alternate hypothesis.
The null hypothesis becomes the research hypothesis.

I chose there is no alternate hyothesis

Question 10 of 10 What is the critical value of t for a two-tailed t-test in which n = 10? (Points : 1)
I chose .05

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