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words to choose from: credible,cursory,designate,deviate,improvise,interim,latent,secular,shun,simulate.

In seventh grade, Jack looked upon girls with great disdain. Then, in the ____ between seventh and eight grades, his___interest in them suddenly surfaced.
In looking for a college, Luke gave only___attention to_____schools. He was quite sure he wanted to attend a Catholic school.
Matt told his mother he was late because he had fallen while running home. To make his story more____,(credible) he had scratched his knee with a rock to_____(Shun)an injury from a fall.
Della wanted to be a cheerleader, but she willingly______(e)d(deviate) from the goal when she was______(e)d(designate) class mascot and got to wear a polar bear costume to all games.
Proud of his ability to create new dishes, Franco tended to _____(Improvise)cookbooks. He preferred to ____meals, using whatever ingredients happened to be on hand. In fact, cooking was one of his favorite diversions.

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    (credible) >> right
    (Shun) >> wrong
    _(e)d(deviate) >> right
    (e)d(designate) >> right
    (Improvise) >> wrong

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