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1. Dante loves swimming but he wants to improve his arm strength. He researches kayaking and decides to participate in this activity. Which location would provide him the best location for training?
A. swimming pool
B. ocean with friends
C. local river with a trained kayaker***
D. large river with a strong current and rapids

2. Nadalia enjoys her writing class and easily understands the content and assignments. She notices that her tablemate, Zeena, struggles with assignments and seems frustrated. Nadalia offers to tutor her tablemate. Together the girls set a goal, to improve Zeena’s next writing assignment by one letter grade. Which phrase best explains Nadalia’s motivation for offering to tutor Zeena?
A. desire to improve writing skills
B. desire to receive praise
C. desire to improve time management
D. desire to help others*****

3. Sebastian overhears a conversation in the school cafeteria that next week’s Biology test answers are posted online for everyone to see. This test is a large part of the grade report, and he really wants to do well. Sebastian’s decision to manage the situation should be to...
A. get the answers online because everyone else is doing it and he doesn't want to be left out.
B. inform the teacher about the possibility of the answers being online.*****
C. justify cheating by the heavy course load he’s taking and lack of time to study for the test.
D. tell his circle of friends about what he heard so they can benefit as well.

4. Which of the following is an example of positive peer pressure?
A. Jacob asks his friend to help him train for a 5K run.****
B. Aja asks her friend to sneak into a movie without paying.
C. Bronson asks his friend if he can copy his math test.
D. Selena asks her friend to try smoking.

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