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The reaction of fluorine with ammonia produces dinitrogen tetra fluoride and hydrogen fluorida.

5F2(g)+2NH(g)---> N2F4(g)+6HF(g)

A. If you have 66.6gNH3, how many grams of F2 are required for a complete reaction?

B. how many grams of NH3 are required to produce 4.65g HFCS?

C. How many grams of N2F4 can be produced from 225g F2?

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    mols NH3 = grams/molar mass
    A. Convert mols NH3 to mols F2 using the coefficients the balanced equation.
    ?mols NH3 x (5 mols F2/2 mol NH3) = ? mols F2. Then convert mols to grams. g F2 = mols F2 x molar mass F2.

    B. and C. are done the same way.

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