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Science/ Biochemistry

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You buy a quarter pounder with Cheese Extra Value Meal from McDonalds ( assume you drink water. Answer the following questions.
1. All proteins involved in the sandwich are tripeptides
2. 1 molecule of fat makes 5 molecules of Acetyl CoA
3. 1 molecule of Carbohydrates make 6 molecules of Glucose
4. Ignore all other components( fibers, nuclei acids, ect)
5. Assume the you are in starvation state

How much pyruvate does this meal produce ?

How much Actyl CoA does this meal produce

How many electrons are sent to oxidative phosphorylation

Assuming for 8 electrons produces 36 ATP, How many ATP does this meal produce?( Don't forget ATP in the Citric Aid Cycle and Glycolysis

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